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The player behind Blue Orchid and Dr. Machina is a budding science fiction author (first book published in Nov. 2004 and a second one to be published in the Summer of 2008) and long time comic book fan. The player has several characters on several servers, but prefers playing with friends on the Triumph server.


While I play a several different characters (based on mood), there are two that stand out that I enjoy playing on a regular basis.

Blue Orchid

Aika Makida (RP Name)
Originicon technology.pngArchetypeicon blaster.pngFlight TravelFlight.png
Nickname: 'Blue'
Level: 42
Archetype: Blaster
Origin: Technology
Primary Power: Energy Blast
Secondary Power: Energy Manipulation
Travel Power: Flight


Blue Orchid
Aika Makida, more commonly known as "The Blue Orchid", is a full-conversion cyborg from 24th century Earth. Originally designed by Crey as part of the Paragon Protectors program intended to combat other superheroes, Makida turned against her 24th century teammates during a mission to protect a time machine. Her core programming took over, forcing her teammates to defend themselves from her. They managed to force her through the active time machine, sending her back to the early 21st century. The temporal shift also served to wipe her memory and her core programming. She woke up in early 21st century Seattle, thinking she was human. She was still aware of her powers and identity as The Blue Orchid, but there was little else for her to go on.

In Seattle, she became an associate member of The Emerald Order, a team of heroes dedicated to protecting the city. Their foes typically included the Yakuza and several street gangs, and often meta-villians. She eventually moved to Paragon City where she started a new branch of the order with new recruits from the growing metahuman population of the city.


Aika thinks of herself as human. Her skin is soft and warm and when she looks in the mirror, she sees a human, not a machine. She retains the ability to love and be intimate, but knowing her true nature often keeps her from getting close with anyone, except those that she knows could in fact handle the truth. Aika was not even aware that she was a cyborg until damage sustained in a fight revealed her cybernetic parts beneath torn synthetic skin.

In combat, she rarely speaks. She maintains a level of cold professionalism and will not stop until she has achieved victory. This spills over to detective work and is a virtual bloodhound when it comes to tracking villains or other criminals.

While she is based in Seattle, Makida hates staying in one place and will regularly travel. Comrades have labeled her with wanderlust, but she’d say it’s just a matter of curiosity that she wants to see the world.

She is very protective of her friends and will place herself in danger in order to protect her friends, even if they can protect themselves.

Dr. Machina

Dr. Machina is a mercenary mastermind who utilizes an army of robots to carry out the contracts she accepts. She is also the defacto leader of the villainous organization known as "The Burnouts".

Belinda Machina (RP Name)
Originicon technology.pngV archetypeicon mastermind.pngFlight TravelFlight.png
Nickname: 'Doc'
Level: 40
Archetype: Mastermind
Origin: Technology
Primary Power: Robotics
Secondary Power: Forcefield
Travel Power: Flight


Dr. Machina
Belinda Machina was born and raised in Paragon City’s upscale Founders Falls district and attended the Paragon City University where she received her undergraduate’s degree in sciences. With an interest in eventually working for Crey Industries, she chose a major in robotics and a minor in cybernetics. As part of her PhD, she developed programming sets that allowed for wireless control of several networked robots, and AI routines that would allow them to anticipate certain orders and work independently of their controller.

After graduating, Belinda returned to Paragon City and sought employment with Crey, but Crey was not interested in her qualifications. She then sought employment with the Freedom Phalanx, who expressed interest in her qualifications, but was unwilling to give her the level of importance she desired.

Growing distraught over a series of failed job interviews, Belinda began turning towards crime in order to make ends meet. Using a homemade robot armed with black market weapons, she pulled a bank heist in Steel Canyon that brought her face to face with the Vindicators. The confrontation ended with Belinda being sent to the Zig. During her time in the Zig, MIT revoked her PhD.

During the Arachnos incursion in to the Zig, Belinda was freed and was informed by an Arachnos pilot that the Fortunata Mistress Kalinda wished to meet with her. Upon meeting with Kalinda, the Fortunata provided Belinda with the funding to build new robots in exchange for taking care of a few serpents for her on Mercy Island. Using her new funding, she purchased a small factory and supplies that allowed her to begin producing robot minions and gave her the ability to research new enhancements for her minions. She continued her life of crime in the Rogue Isles, often working freelance for Arachnos and a few other groups. As her reputation grew, however, she found that she did not have to search for work; the work often came to her.

The Burnouts

After a year of lying low and working on refining her robots, Dr. Machina returned to her life of crime, taking on new contracts as a mercenary. She briefly enjoyed membership with the Destroyers of Justice where she became a good friend of her teammate K-Venom. However, a psychopathic outburst from the villainous Trepexes directed towards her made her decide that she could no longer continue working with Destroyers.

Autonmaton, her only successful attempt at developing an artificially intelligent robot, put her in contact with Geddon and Piecemeal, who successfully recruited her in to The Burnouts, a loose collective of mercenaries who have previously enjoyed membership with other organizations only to be shunned, abused or otherwise get 'burned out' with their former groups. As a member of the Burnouts, Machina quickly rose to a position of leadership and recruited K-Venom in to the group. While Geddon remains the founder of the group, Machina's power, charisma and intelligence is not overlooked and other members often turn to her for advice and direction. In return for their unconditional loyalty, Machina rewards her people with her friendship, assistance on mission and quite often, monetary or physical gifts.


Dr. Machina can get a little saucy at times when she engages in idle banter or blatant flirting with her fellow members of the Villain Group Burnouts. At one time, she had a good working relationship with the Carnival of Shadows, but refused membership with the organization due to their horrid choice of fashion. She also regularly claims to have dated various members of the Circle of Thorns and Arbiters from Arachnos.

In combat, Dr. Machina allows her robots to do most of the work. She does get involved in combat when needed and will use her robots in a 'castle defense' to protect her. This technique works about 75% of the time. She prefers the use of her Nemesis Staff as her primary method of attack over the use of the slower, energy draining pulse rifle that many choose to carry.

While she can be vicious or cold towards those she does not know, she treats her friends extremely well. Dr. Machina has been knowing to give cash and item gifts to her friends, mostly out of good will, but also knowing that there is a good chance that she'll be able to call in favors later.

Robot Names

Dr. Machina has named her robots in honor of the television show The Transformers. Her roster includes:

Dr. Machina recently came across a severely damaged miniature Mekman left over from the 5th Column. Using spare parts, she rebuilt the Mekman and named him 'Twiki'. Because of Twiki's size, he is not suitable for combat. Instead, Dr. Machina chose to use Twiki as a mobile computer and maintenance assistant. Twiki is capable of storing data on known threats and engineering data needed for her constant upgrading projects for her robots. Fractal encryption of Twiki's datastores prevents her data from falling in to enemy hands.

Alternate Characters

Catch me if you can!

Triumph Server

Sister Mary Mindwarp

Psi/Psi Dominator - Villain - Mary MacLeod grew up in a poor family near Port Recluse on the Rogue Isles. With no real hope for a future and little parental guidance, Mary fell in to a gang of girls known locally as the "Seneschal Acolytes", a gang that served as a recruiting pool for the Carnival of Shadows. The Acolytes were constantly watched by the Carnies to see who would develop powers and have the potential to rise up above her peers. Mary turned out to be one of those as her mental powers began to flourish at age 12. In a confrontation between Sister Psyche, who also learned of Mary's powers, the Carnies fought with Psyche and her allies over rights to Mary. Showing contempt for Psyche, Mary sided with the Carnies and began a regimented training program with them, taking on the name "Mary Mindwarp".

At age 16, Mary was given a special assignment by the Carnies. She was instructed to infiltrate and corrupt a convent belonging to the Sisters of Charity of the Rogue Isles. The Carnies believed that all work and no play made the Sisters of Charity rather dull and that they should be encouraged to spice up their lives. As Mary integrated herself in to the convent, she started to become torn between her secret loyalty to the Carnies and to the Sisters. She started to enjoy the charity work when she saw that lives were being helped. She eventually confessed to the Mother Superior of the convent why she was there, and the Mother Superior cast her out from the convent. Privately, however, the Mother Superior forgave Mary and asked her to continue her charitable work. Mary would then become a modern day Robin Hood, stealing from and attacking those of power in the Rogue Isles while taking what she could of the spoils and either giving it the Sisters of Charity or directly to the needy. Her failure to corrupt the Sisters also drove a wedge between her and the Carnies, warranting them to put a bounty on her head, but because of her training, they tread carefully around Mindwarp. Arachnos is also aware of Sister Mary Mindwarp, and have yet determined what action to take, but have concluded that she is not suitable to be recruited as a Fortunata.


Merc/Weapons Mastermind - Villain - Little is known about this mercenary mastermind. There are rumors that he could be an alien...