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Trading Places (villain souvenir)

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From the Strike Force "Trading Places" given by Mender Silos.

Souvenir's Text

Trading Places

The hero known as Manticore has always walked a line between the light and the dark. On this day, he crossed it, joining Recluse and the rest of the villains to take down the Freedom Phalanx. However, his betrayal was not to the heroes but to the villains.

You aided him in his battle against the Vindicators, bringing him into the fold of Arachnos. You were even there when he brought down Sister Psyche. With the way he coldly went after her, no one say he was 'faking' it.

Yet, when the moment of truth came and Lord Recluse began his assault on Siren's Call, Manticore turned on you. Regretfully for him, his betrayal was too late. The Jade Spider performed perfectly, mentally commanding all those opposing to join Arachnos. The Phalanx and Vindicators were taken down. Even Manticore was made to pay for his double cross.

Lord Recluse was able to begin his true siege of Paragon City. You sit back in your own time and wait for what the Ouroboros call the causality curve to catch up to now.

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