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The Magician (Contact)

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This article is about the Night Ward contact. For the Mystic Fortune Temporary Power, see The Magician (Temporary Power).


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The Magician
The Magician.jpg
Sage of forbidden knowledge
Zone Night Ward
Coordinates (1935, 105, 1373)
Level Range 30-39
Introduced By Sir Bedwyr
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge Apparition.png Apparitions
V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo
Badge villain warriors.png Warriors
Badges Badge i23NightWardComplete.png One of the Eight
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The Magician is a Praetorian contact in the Bedlam neighborhood of Night Ward at coordinates (1935, 105, 1373).  His level range is 30-39. The Magician can be found 348 yards NE of the Bedlam neighborhood marker, standing on a rocky outcropping in the water.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Sage of forbidden knowledge

The Magician is a mysterious man. Nobody knows how long he has lived, or why he lives in the Netherworld, but what they do know is that he is a keeper of ancient and forbidden knowledge.

Prior to Introduction

You are not yet known to me, the winds say nothing.

Initial Contact

The heavens send lightning to me and it speaks of a great battle to come. Character, there is great evil beneath the earth and in the sky, are you prepared to face it alone?


  • Your name is in the thunder.
  • You return... Good.
  • The winds told me you were coming.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

No More Missions

You have pulled order from chaos and righted the wrongs between worlds. While the Night Ward still exists, it is no longer pulling the realms of the living and the dead together. Our work here is done.

Too High Level

+++ Missing Information +++


Story Arc

The Gate that Cannot Open

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


One of Eight Keys

You can't hold it in your hand, but you can feel it none-the-less. You are the keeper of one of the Eight Keys that seals both Lamashtu and Sorceress Serene within the Eternal Prison of the Netherworld. What the key is, only you can know. Whenever you think on it you recall just how close Serene and Lamshtu came to doing what the gods and even the Fates thought impossible; Opening...

The Gate that Cannot Open

It all began while you were searching for allies to help stop the Black Queen from opening the Eternal Prison. You visited a mysterious man known only as The Magician. He told you of how he was once the Keeper of the Seven Keys that the Black Queen sought and that all of them had been claimed by her save one; the key of Dream. Already she moved with her Black Knights to take the key from the mind of The Mad Man, the wandering dreamscape manifestation of Mother Mayhem's favorite patient, Malaise. You joined with Sir Bedwyr and those Black Knights cast out by the Black Queen as traitors and fought your way into Bedlam. Unfortunately, The Black Queen took the key from Malaise before you could stop her, and in doing so released the full despair of Malaise's nightmares upon Night Ward. You destroyed Malaise's nightmare selves, but the Black Queen had already escaped with her prize, and was already on her way to the Eternal Prison.

With the help of Sir Bedwyr, a reluctant Katie Douglas agreed to translocate you inside the Eternal Prison. Fighting through its black halls you encountered the Black Queen and slew her, but in doing so unknowingly turned the key of Death, releasing Lamashtu from her two-thousand year old prison. It was only in the Black Queen's final moments that you discovered that she had been possessed by the spirit of Sorceress Serene. Now proclaiming herself a goddess, and sister of Lamashtu, the two fled the prison. Learning the truth of things, the Black Knights swore their loyalty to Sir Bedwyr, proclaiming that he was the new Lord of the Eternal Prison, and leader of the Black Knights.

Lamashtu was hunting Night Ward in search of The Magician, for he was the keeper of the seven keys which bound her. Fearing she would find him, he tasked you with a plan to keep Lamashtu otherwise occupied. Shadow Hunter, The Magician mused, would be unable to turn down the chance of hunting The Mother of Monsters. He sent you to recruit Shadow Hunter and turn him loose onto Lamashtu's trail, turning the hunter into the hunted.

The Magician told you that he could forge seven new keys to lock away Lamashtu's power, but that in order to do so he would need to know her Seven True Names. These, he admitted, were not known to him, and the only source they were written down in was destroyed by the Emperor's witch hunters years ago. You suggested that others might be more knowledgeable of such things and he had an epiphany. He told you that magic links all worlds together, and that Sorceress Serene must have an equal on Primal Earth. He sent you to speak to her in the inter-dimensional night club, Pocket D. There, you located the Primal Earth version of Sorceress Serene; the ghostly heroine, War Witch. You informed her of what was going on, and she told you that in addition to their being a double of her, there was likely a double of the magical texts that the Emperor destroyed here on Primal Earth. She told you to speak with Mercedes Sheldon, a collector of rare and powerful artifacts and a member of the Midnighter Club. If anyone knew where this Book of Names was, Mercedes would be the girl to talk to.

Mercedes was eager to help, informing you that yes, The Book of Names was known to her and was even in Paragon City at this moment. The downside was that Odysseus of the Warriors owned it, and was looking to sell it off at an illicit auction that very night. You crashed the auction and ran into a gathering of notorious villains all eager to purchase the artifact, but Odysseus had other plans. He had used the book to ward the warehouse and entrap those invitees who were foolish enough to show up, with the intention of taking out his competition. Your arrival, and the machinations of Lord Nemesis, mucked up Odysseus' carefully laid plans and ultimately resulted in you escaping from the warehouse with The Book of Names in hand.

During your jaunt over to Primal Earth, The Magician had completed creating the seven keys. The magic of Night Ward acted upon The Book of Names, giving it life, and it immediately identified The Magician by his name; Pazuzu. Memories flooded back into The Magician at the telling of his name and he realized just what Serene planned to do. All of the events leading up to this point were linked to Serene and her ultimate goal of opening The Gate that Cannot Open. If that were allowed to come to pass, then Lamashtu could be released upon the world of the living once more, and all their good works would be destroyed. Time was short. You assaulted The Tower, the shadow of the Westerman Building here in Night Ward, in a race to get to the top undetected and stop Serene from completing a ritual that would turn her and Lamashtu into a living god of flesh and blood, and prevent her from opening the gate.

Fighting through the Talons of Vengeance who had gathered to support their All-Mother and Sorceress Serene, you finally reached the rooftop, and not a moment too soon. Serene was already conducting the ritual, but Lamashtu lept down to stop you from interfering. Just as battle was about to join between you and the demon goddess, you were joined by the most unlikely of allies. Katie Douglas translocated onto the building to aid you, and with her came all those you had helped through your journey in this strange half-world; Whispering Coyote - the spirit animal companion who showed you the way, Master Winkley - the eccentric and adventureous wizard of the Midnighters, and Ward - the Overspell and Spellfather of the living spells of Night Ward. Together you stood against Lamashtu, while The Magician worked feverishly to learn her true names. But fighting her took more time than you couuld afford, and though Lamashtu was beaten and ready to flee, Serene proclaimed that the ritual was complete. As she uttered the final verses of the spell she was interrupted by an all too familiar voice; her own.

The spectral form of War Witch had manifested and finished the spell a split second before Serene could and the two stared at one another for a brief lifetime. War Witch's timing ensured that the spell of resurrection pulled her soul into Serene's body instead. As she returned to life she proclaimed that if the was going to be a Clarissa Moore walking around, then she was going to be called War Witch. Now, with her back against a wall, Serene did the only thing she could; she attacked, and after a hard fought battle, she lost. With both Lamashtu and Serene beaten, The Magician recited their true names, and locked them away into the Eternal Prison for all time.

Each of you were given one of the eight keys that would forever keep their malevolence contained. Though The Magician had made the keys, its form would only be known to its bearer.

Which key do you hold?

Part One: Brother Against Brother


The prison requires the Seven Keys...

I was once the bearer of the Seven Keys, but I have them no longer. Long ago I hid them, quite cleverly I had thought, but now they have been discovered. You see, the keys are not crude physical objects, but rather, concepts, thoughts, ideas: Dream, Justice, Death, Life, Silence, Love, and my Name...

All have been claimed by the Talons of Vengeance and the Black Queen save one. She moves now, with her Black Knights, to claim the final key from the mind of the Mad Man who paints Night Ward while he dreams in Bedlam. She moves to claim the key of Dream, and if she succeeds, she will take the only thing that is keeping the Mad Man sane... and the Night Ward in check.

  • Then we must stop her.

Stop her? Yes... yes, I see now, written in the sky's reflection on the water, the Black Knights are divided and so victory can be had.

Sir Bedwyr gathers too few to oppose his brothers and the Black Queen, but with your help, victory might be had.

The assault on Bedlam has begun, and your destiny needs you there, as does a princess named Penelope who fears for her friend, the Mad Man's brother. She will be ever so glad to see you.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The mind of a girl tells me the Sorcerer Queen and her Black Knights are very close now. I like the mind of this one, she is quite... creative...

Contact Small The Magician (Contact).jpg
The Magician (Contact)


The wind carries the song of battle, Character. Hear its din and fury and delight in the choir of victory. Are you ready to fight?

  • "I'm ready." (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive mere moments after the battle has begun

  • Stop the Black Queen
    • Confront the Black Queen
    • Defeat Malaise!

You stopped Malaise's nightmares from going rampant, but the Black Queen successfully fled with the last of the Seven Keys!


V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights
V badge Apparition.png Apparitions

Notable NPCs

  • Scarlet (Ally)
  • Sir Agnan (Ally)
  • Sir Lucane (Ally)
  • Sir Bedwyr (Ally)
  • Sir Emric (Ally)
  • Malaise (Boss)

Dreamlike Malaise: ...mon petite amour, how could I refuse a beauty such as you?
Black Queen: Oh, Jean, flattery will get you everywhere...
Black Queen: Now, what do I have to do for you to share your dream with me?
Dreamlike Malaise: Just look into my mind's eye and see...
Dreamlike Malaise: Can you see it?
Black Queen: Oh yes...
Black Queen: The dream is beautiful...
Dreamlike Malaise: Isn't it though? It changes to suit every person's whims and desires.
Dreamlike Malaise: Tell me, belle nuit. What is it you see?
Black Queen: A key... a key that I MUST have!
Dreamlike Malaise: Ung! What are you doing, ma fleur?
Dreamlike Malaise: No... Stop! Please... Give it back to me...
Dreamlike Malaise: I... Can't fight it... Alone... it's the only thing holding back...
Black Queen: Yes, I know, Jean...
Black Queen: It's the only thing holding back Despair.
Dreamlike Malaise: AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!


Sorrow and despair. Soon the world will be awash in it, but worry not, for there is always hope, no matter how dim, or battered, or beaten, hope always clings on.

The Black Queen must still open the Eternal Prison, and though its walls are guarded by Black Knights under her command, I believe there is still hope...

The daemons fear you, Character. You have impressed both them and me with your power. If you should ever need to contact me, just look into this seeing stone and you will find me looking back.

Part Two: Seven Keys, Seven Gates, Seven Names, Seven Hates


The Seven Keys taken by the Black Queen will open not one cell in the depths of the Eternal Prison, but seven. If this is allowed to transpire then death, disease, and nightmare will be released upon the world of men and their good works will come crashing down.

None are safe from the wrath of The Sky Daughter, The All-Mother, She-of-Seven-Names, The Mother of All Monsters; known to mortals as Lamashtu; the daemon goddess... Least of all me, for I choose to bear the keys that could release her and yet chose not to.

  • How am I supposed to get into the Eternal Prison?

I believe you know a woman who can go where others can see, and our mutual friend, Sir Bedwyr, has seen the Eternal Prison's interior. Speak with Bedwyr and then seek out this woman, through them you can breach the Prison's walls and drive on to stop the Black Queen.

Speak with Sir Bedwyr

Unnecessary Solicitation

Sir Bedwyr has seen the interior of the Eternal Prison, he will know how to reach Lamashtu's prison within its halls.


The Black Queen seeks to open the prison... Even if we could prevent her from reaching Lamashtu's prison first, gaining entry into the Eternal Prison is impossible. The entire Order of Black Knights defends it and obeys the Black Queen's orders without question. Without another way inside there is no hope.

  • You've been inside the prison before?

Of course, I have walked its black halls for centuries. I know the way to the Gate, but what good will it do us if I cannot breach the walls and their defenders?

  • Don't worry, I know another way inside.

Talk with Katie Douglas

Unnecessary Solicitation

I believe you know someone who can get you into places where you should not be. If you can convince her to help, that is.


Oh no... What now? Man, what is an Eternal Prison and why do you want me to take you there?

  • Katie, we need your help.

Is that so? Tell me. What about me? What about what I need? Because as far as I can tell, the world doesn't give a crap about me!

  • You're right, that isn't fair.

I just want to belong, Character. Ok? And every time I turn around more and more of the world I know is gone. Gone! And nobody cares!

  • Katie, I care.

Yeah, right. You're just saying that because you need me to teleport you to that stupid prison that's hovering in your mind's eye like a storm cloud. Why the hell do you want to go there anyway?

  • Because if I don't get in there, the world really will be gone.

... Dramatic much?

Katie's brows furrow slightly in concentration and then a concerned look grows across her face


Holy crap, you aren't kidding! I don't know what a Lamashtu is, but... The things I see in your mind, Character, this can't be good at all...

  • So you'll help get Sir Bedwyr and I inside the Prison?

I didn't say that!

Katie bites her lip, realizing that she probably spoke too soon.

Ok, I will help, but I need you to swear, Character, that if those Talons make me go crazy again, that you will NOT leave me in that place!

  • I swear, Katie.

Pinkie swear. I mean it. I am not joking. If you leave me in there I will friggin' hunt you down with my mind, Character.

  • Ok, I pinkie swear.

Katie studies your face (and mind) for a moment before she nods, convinced that you are being honest.

Alright... Go get ready, and stuff, and then we can go.

  • Thank you, Katie.

Break into the Eternal Prison

Unnecessary Solicitation

Your friend, Katie, can get you into the Eternal Prison. Such a gifted young woman. Troubled, but gifted.


Ready to go with your creepy knight-in-creepy-armor friend?

  • "We're ready." (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


Time and space buckle as you warp into the Night Ward, snatch up Sir Bedwyr, and then warp again into the black halls of the Eternal Prison.

  • Break into the Eternal Prison
    • Stop the Black Queen

The Black Queen is dead, Lamashtu is free, and the spirit of Sorceress Serene was behind it the entire time. The Magician mentioned that there was still hope, but after learning that he is Lamashtu's husband, and she seeks to tear him limb from limb for leaving her to rot in the Eternal Prison, you aren't so sure.


V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights

Notable NPCs

  • Katie Douglas (Ally)
  • Sir Bedwyr (Ally)
  • Enchantress Isabelle (Elite Boss)

The Black Queen: Seven Keys to open Seven Gates, Seven Names for Seven Hates...
Black Warden: My Queen, are you sure you wish to open this gate?
Enchantress Isabelle: Silence, fool!
The Black Queen: Hates, names, gates, and keys...
The Black Queen: I, -Serene-, hold all of these!


So... she is free... I feel her, in the winds... the Fates have decreed that this shall be another mighty struggle.

I have failed in my task to keep the seven keys, and now the world will suffer for my failure unless we can stop her from leaving the Night Ward. I sense that this is the truth of the spirit, Serene's, plans, however, Lamashtu will be searching for me. Luckily I have a contingency plan in mind to keep her... pre-occupied.

Lightning and thunder speak your name and carry your legend across the heavens. Even the stars watch you now, eager to see how your story unfolds... and mine.

Part Three: The Hunter and the Hunted


Lamashtu is death, plague, and despair, and while in the past I have been able to overpower her, she has had centuries to cultivate her disdain for me. I dare not face her, for she would surely prevail.

However, there is one creature who may be able to keep her at bay, to turn the hunter into the hunted so that she may fear to search for me.

  • Who?

The lord of the Spirit Stalkers; Shadow Hunter. He is driven to gather trophies and seeks only the most powerful of creatures as his quarry. The chance to take the head of the Mother of Monsters will be irresistable to him.

Seek him out in his lair, just make sure that you don't become a trophy yourself.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Shadow Hunter will not greet you with open arms. He is a creature that respects ability and strength. Prove you have both, but do not appear too strong, or he may endeavor to claim your head for his collection.

Mission Objective(s)


Hidden deep amongst the roots beneath the Netherworld you find the den of Shadow Hunter.

  • Seek Shadow Hunter
    • Find Shadow Hunter

You convinced Shadow Hunter to begin the hunt for Lamashtu. Hopefully he will be enough of a threat to keep her at bay.


V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers

Notable NPCs

  • Shadow Hunter (Elite Boss)


Shadow Hunter merely studies you as you approach him. He looks wholly unconcerned that you are in his lair.

  • Great Shadow Hunter I seek your help...
Shadow Hunter grunts at you.
Your words. They are weak.
  • Uh... Sorry?
Shadow Hunter growls
You are weak. Like the mouse. You are beneath the bear's notice.
  • This mouse needs the bear's help.
Shadow Hunter glances at you with disinterest.
  • There is a predator greater than even you.
Shadow Hunter's ear flicks and his nostrils flare.
Tell me. (See below.)
  • There is a predator even greater than the bear...
Shadow Hunter's ear flicks and his nostrils flare.
Tell me. (See below.)
  • Shadow Hunter I bring you news of a powerful predator...
Shadow Hunter's ear flicks and his nostrils flare.
Tell me. (See below.)
  • Shadow Hunter I bring you news of a powerful predator...
Shadow Hunter's ear flicks and his nostrils flare.
Tell me.
  • She is a great mother, the mother of all monsters...
Shadow Hunter snuffs at the air in your direction.
Yes. Smell her. Death on the wind.
A barely audible rumble begins in Shadow Hunter's throat.
  • She hunts the Night Ward, but not for you...
Go. I hunt.
  • Good hunting.
Go, I hunt skulls.
  • Your Spirit Stalkers are weak, perhaps you are worthy...
Shadow Hunter's eyes widen as he looks upon you with interest.
You hunt pups and cubs. I am neither.
  • Perhaps... Perhaps not...
Perhaps you leave here alive, little mouse. Perhaps not.
  • Perhaps we both die...
Both die?
  • There is a predator greater than either of us.
Shadow Hunter's ear flicks and his nostrils flare.
Tell me. (See above.)
  • Perhaps you die here...
Let us find out.
  • (Fight)


Yes, I can hear the horn calls of Shadow Hunter on the wind. He will never relent in his pursuit, and thus, my hunter has become the prey of another.

While she is distracted we now have a window of opportunity to turn the tide and undo the wickedness that Serene has wrought.

Part Four: Seeing Double


Now is the time to counter strike and dash Serene's plans against the rocks of divine justice. The means to trap Lamashtu once more within the Eternal Prison exist, but are beyond my grasp. Already I have begun work on forging new keys for its seven doors. But in order to get her into the prison we must know Lamashtu's seven true names, which are unknown to me. Once they were written in The Book of Names, but the Emperor saw fit for that artifact to be destroyed.

  • Perhaps there are others for whom these names are known.

Yes... Yes!

While Lamashtu's names are hidden in this place, the flow of magic connects all worlds.

Serene has proven a most capable arcanist... If you could find her equal in another world she may be able to match her wits and help you discover Lamashtu's seven true names before all is lost.

Talk to War Witch in Pocket D

Unnecessary Solicitation

Know your enemy and in a thousand battles you will never know defeat.


Whoa, you've got some major spiritual energy clinging to you. What have you been getting into?

  • Catch War Witch up on things.
  • Begrudgingly catch War Witch up on current events.
Clarissa Moore studies your words for a hard minute after you stop talking, only then does she speak.
I don't doubt the gravity of what you've told me, Character, but I'll need to speak to the spirits of my own coven on the matter. If indeed there is the spirit of a Praetorian me doing great evil in the Netherworld, they will know about it.
Clarissa smiles at you.
If I've learned anything, Character, it is that no matter how bad things get, there is always hope. While my sisters have wisdom eternal, it is slow to gain. So allow me to give you some insight you can use right now.
If there is a duplicate of me, then it goes to stand that Praetoria has a duplicate of almost everyone and everything. Me, you... even a certain Book of Names...
  • ...then I can retrieve The Book of Names for The Magician.
Clarissa winks and flashes a smile.
I'd go and talk to Mercedes Sheldon of the Midnight Squad... the, uh, Primal Earth Midnight Squad, that is. I saw her around here earlier. Almost didn't recognize her in that little number she was wearing.
If the Book of Names is around she is the person most likely to have an idea of its whereabouts. As for me, I have quite a bit of meditation and astral communication to get started on. If I find anything out that can help, I'll make sure to get you the information ASAP.
  • I'll do that. Thanks, Clarissa.
  • I appreciate your assistance.

Talk to Mercedes Sheldon in Pocket D

Unnecessary Solicitation

Know your enemy and in a thousand battles you will never know defeat.


Character, Clarissa astrally messaged me from across the dance hall. She told me that you would be coming by and mentioned something about the spirit of her Praetorian self and then something about her coven and a plan involving her spirit trapped between worlds itself in Croatoa.

Mercedes begins chattering on about the plight of a spirit, trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead before she catches herself.

Oh, a thousand pardons, listen to me going on and on and here we have a crisis on our hands. No time to play catch up, let's get straight down to business, yes?

  • Yes, the Book of Names...

Mercedes lets a mischevious smirk cross her face. Obviously she has some very good news.

Not only is such an artifact known to me, it is also here in Paragon City.

Her smile fades as she pauses before continuing.

  • But...?

Another smile and Mercedes continues, a bit nervously.

But... The book is currently in the possession of David 'Odysseus' Hill, the leader of the Warriors...

  • Of course... This couldn't be simple.

Mercedes laughs nervously.

Oh... ho ho... Yes, quite, well, I mean to say... it does get worse...

  • Worse? How?

Odysseus is planning on selling the book... Tonight... To the highest bidder.

  • Tonight?! Who is bidding on it?

Mercedes sighs and puts a hand to her forehead, as if trying to conjure the names of the individuals from some distant memory.

I've been trying to, well, get information out of some of the more unsavory patrons here, actually, but so far I have no solid leads. You can rest assured, however that it will included the worst of the worst.

Mercedes yells a little louder over the music.

I mean, you do understand how powerful this artifact is and how much damage it could do in the wrong hands, yes? Demon summoners, necromancers, spellcasters of every breed and creed, even dabbling occultists with more money than actual arcane power. All of them would kill to have total power over all manner of creatures whose names are hidden in that book.

Mercedes shakes her head.

I just can't fathom why Odysseus would want to sell such an artifact. There has to be more to this than I'm seeing.

  • Where is this going down?

A smile broadens across Ms. Sheldon's face.

Odysseus is holding the auction at one of his shipping warehouses on Talos Island. Oh! Wait just a moment... I.. have a... yes, here it is!

She removes a slip of decorated card stock from inside her jacket and hands it to you.

The rat had the bravado to send me an invitation to the auction, as if I had forgotten his theft of my family properly. I was planning on sending Exorcist in my place to make a play for the book myself, but now I think you might be the wiser choice to send, if only so Odysseus doesn't link me to the liberation of his property.

  • Mercedes, crashing a party doesn't usually require an invitation.

Crash Odysseus's Auction

Unnecessary Solicitation

A collector of artifacts holds what you now seek. Find him and take what the world needs to survive.


Ready to crash the party? That invitation allows you to bring guests, it might not be a bad idea to bring some backup.

This mission is of higher difficulty than normal, you may want to bring a friend or two to help.

  • "I'm ready." (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


Your 'invitation' gets you past the doorman without any trouble. Inside it seems quiet. Is this the right place?

  • Crash Odysseus's Auction
    • Recover the Book of Names
    • Listen to Odysseus' Speech
    • Defeat Odysseus
    • Take the Book of Names from Odysseus!
    • Escape with the Book

You retrieved The Book of Names from Odysseus and the Warriors.


Badge villain warriors.png Warriors
Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

  • Odysseus (Elite Boss)
  • Libri Vermis (Elite Boss)
  • Hwon Li (Elite Boss)
  • Nemesis (Elite Boss)


The Book of Names lies on the ground before Odysseus. He is in no condition to stop you from taking it.

  • (Take the Book of Names)

Talk with The Magician

Unnecessary Solicitation

Return to me once you've acquired the Book of Names.

Contact Small The Magician (Contact).jpg
The Magician (Contact)


The power of Night Ward has acted upon The Book of Names, gifting it with intelligence not unlike the Animus Arcana. Upon meeting The Magician, the book begins speaking in strange tongues before finally speaking coherently.

Keymaster; Keeper of the Seven Keys, daemon lord of the winds, known as Pazuzu, husband of Lamashtu, enemy of Lamashtu. I am most honored to meet you.

The Magician, or Pazuzu as the book called him, has a look of dawning recollection. His eyes widen as memories return to him with the power of his name remembered and he smiles.


My name remembered... Yes, I remember who I was before my name became the Seventh Key.

Character, I am as The Book of Names says, and Lamashtu is indeed my wife. But know this - She was imprisoned by the Furies and the gods because I convinced them to do it. That is why I was the keeper of the seven keys...

But none of that matters now. My wife may be free once more, but with The Book of Names we have the power to send her back to the Eternal Prison, back to the only place where the world is safe from her appetite for destruction.

Once, long ago, she and I balanced one another as husband and wife. But things changed as they are wont to do. Where I believed in the need for balance between good and evil in the world, my wife grew arrogant and unsatisfied. She visited suffering, plague, death, and monsters upon men and obeyed no one. . She is my adversary as much as she is yours... and the time to stop her for the good of everyone is now and no other.

Finale: Timing is Everything


I have finished the new keys and now, with The Book of Names, it would only be a matter of time before I could imprison Lamashtu once more. But I fear that time is no longer something we have in abundance.

I should have realized Serene's plan when she had first appeared, but, concern for my own safety clouded my judgment, and I fear that we may now be too late. Serene is planning on restoring life to her corporeal remains, but not so that she can inhabit them, but so that both she and Lamashtu can.

The only way for a god to leave the Netherworld is through The Gate that Cannot Open. And the only way the gate can be opened is by a living god of flesh and blood. If Serene completes that ritual then she and Lamashtu will inhabit a single body and become just that, and the Talons of Vengeance will worship them as such!

  • Where is the gate? How do we stop her?

The Gate that Cannot Open is atop The Tower, the tallest building in the City of Souls. It is hidden in plain sight.

We thought it was impossible to open. After all, how could a living god of flesh and blood exist in the realm of death? Serene discovered a way through the Night Ward. A place of both life and death... It is no coincidence that the Night Ward manifested around The Gate that Cannot Open. I see that now.

Character, you must stop Serene from completing that ritual. Buy me time to continue my search for Lamashtu's Seven True Names. Her names may be surrounded by lies, but ultimately, The Book of Names will hold the truth.

When you are ready I will get you into the Westerman building so you can ascend safely to the roof. There is no doubt that Lamashtu will be watching from above for you.

Stop Serene's Ritual

Unnecessary Solicitation

When you are ready I will transport you into the Westerman building so you can approach the roof safely without fear of Lamashtu swooping upon you.

Contact Small The Magician (Contact).jpg
The Magician (Contact)


Make your way as swiftly to the roof as you can. I will work feverishly to discover Lamashtu's true names and meet you there once I have found them.

  • Understood.

When you are ready I'll use my magic to get you inside the Westerman Building, but I do not dare get you too close to the top, or my magic will be detected.

  • I'm ready. (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


This building acts like a conduit for magical energy. Serene and Lamashtu are conducting some very potent magic on the roof.

  • Stop Serene's Ritual
    • Get to the roof of the Westerman Building
    • Defeat Lamashtu

You stopped Sorceress Serene, returned Lamashtu to the Eternal Prison, and helped War Witch's errant spirit return to her body, in a manner of speaking.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Lamashtu (Elite Boss)
  • Sorceress Serene (Elite Boss)
  • Katie Douglas (Ally)
  • Master Midnight (Ally)
  • Ward (Ally)
  • Whispering Coyote (Ally)
  • War Witch (Ally)
  • Sir Bedwyr (Ally)
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After rescuing Sir Bedwyr, you are ambushed by three waves of Talons of Vengeance.
Huntress: Infidels!

Sorceress Serene: Sister, the ritual is nearly complete!
Lamashtu: Rrrrrrr... then it is time that these worms bow before us...
Lamashtu: Rrrrrrr...Or die where they stand!
Katie Douglas: Ok, seriously, lady, you are like, seven kinds of ugly!
Whispering Coyote: Ki-yi-yi-yi!
Katie Douglas: Hey, Character, I thought you could use some help.
Master Midnight: You didn't think you were the only one who heard the clarion call of adventure, did you?
Ward: I cannot allow the world my spell children were just born into to be destroyed.

Lamashtu: Rrrrrrr... YOU do not get to call me by that name, Pazuzu, son of Hanbi.

Lamashtu: Rrrrrrr... My names will do you no good if there is no breath left in your bodies with which to speak them!


Lamashtu: Rrrrrrr... Serene, these are not mortals! They are gods!
Sorceress Serene: If they be gods, dear sister, then they will soon be dead ones...
Sorceress Serene: The ritual is complete. I have but to sing the final verse and our souls will join in this body.
Sorceress Serene: Together, we shall crush these fools and open The Gate, bringing ruin to the world of the living!
Sorceress Serene: Snur, bardo Dimme...
Sorceress Serene: Snur, bardo Clarissa Moore...
Sorceress Serene: Nang-la...
War Witch: Na Dimme, Sug-po!
Sorceress Serene: Sug...!
Sorceress Serene: What!? Who!?
War Witch: Too slow, evil me.
War Witch: But if there is going to be one Clarissa Moore walking around...
Sorceress Serene Body: ...then she's going to be known as War Witch!
Sorceress Serene: No... NO! NOOOOO!!!
Whispering Coyote: Ki-yi-yi?
Katie Douglas: Lady, you have an AMAZING sense of timing!
Master Midnight: I think I'm in love. (/em stun)
Sorceress Serene: You will pay for this with tears and blood!
Sorceress Serene Body: Let's finish this!


Completing this mission awards the One of the Eight Badge.

File:Badge i23NightWardComplete.png One of the Eight

You tamed the chaos and magic which ran unchecked in the Night Ward, saving the world from the would-be rampages of Sorceress Serene and the Mother of all Monsters.


The gods of sky and earth sing your praises, Character. You have stopped chaos and destruction from reigning supreme over the world of men, and have set things back into the proper balance of good and evil, light and darkness.

Though the Night Ward remains, its activity has slowed. It appears that Sorceress Serene and the Talons of Vengeance were manipulating events to create the churn and turmoil that threatened to draw the worlds of the living and the dead together permanently.

Night Ward is here to stay, but so long as there are people like you and your friends, people who give a damn about the world of men, both living and dead, then we can all rest assured that The Gate that Cannot Open... will remain that way.