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The Heart of the Hollows

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This article is about the Souvenir. For the Trial, see The Cavern of Transcendence Trial.


From the Story Arc "The Heart of the Hollows" given by Talshak the Mystic.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

The Heart of the Hollows

It began when the wise mystic, Talshak, divined the location of the Troll leader's den. The mighty Troll, Atta, was said to be behind all the havoc that the Superadine-crazed gangsters wreak on The Hollows. Perhaps he would know the whereabouts of Sam Wincott, the young man who went missing long ago. You battled through Atta's lair and defeated him, but Sam Wincott was not to be found. You learned that the Circle of Thorns had taken the boy from the Trolls.

Fortunately, the Trolls were willing to tip you offto the Circle's hideout. You journeyed there, and found yourself embroiled in a mighty battle between the Circle's mystics and the strange minions of Igneous. You defeated the villains, but learned that you had once again missed Sam Wincott. A group of Magmites had spirited him away, but not before the Circle could use Sam's inherent magical abilities to locate the Cavern of Transcendence.

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