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The 5th Column Overthrow

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From the Task Force "The 5th Column Overthrow" given by Mender Lazarus.

Souvenir's Text

The 5th Column overthrow

Mender Lazarus' words keep ringing in your ears:

'You know nothing about what really happened with the 5th Column overthrow, namely the fact that you were directly responsible for it.'

Is this the world you're now in? One of paradox and a headache? Perhaps. But you know one thing, anytime someone offers to take down some fascists, you're the first to volunteer. You infiltrated the 5th Column bases, impersonated a Council member, even got Nosferatu and Col. Burkholder to join up on "your" side.

But none of it compared to the look the faces of the 5th Column leaders when you stormed their complex with their own men.

You'll remember that one for all time

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