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Confusing Page

(Copy/pasting from Talk:Regeneration.)


I'm finding the page Recovery bloody confusing, perhaps needlessly so. It seems unclear.


"Many players confuse Recovery with Health Regeneration, which refers either to the speed players regain their Health or to the powerset for Scrappers and Stalkers."

Okay, there is no powerset called Health Regeneration as far as I am aware.

Would it be better to state (what I think the intent of) this more directly? For example:

The terms Recovery and Regeneration should not be confused:
  • Recovery refers to the rate and which Endurance is recovered.
  • Regeneration refers to the rate at which Health (hit points) are recovered, or to the secondary powerset available for Scrappers and Stalkers

Taosin 13:23, 21 April 2009 (UTC)


(End of copy/pasting.)

The current text would probably have been better written as follows:
Many players confuse Recovery with Regeneration.
You could then easily follow that up with the clarification of what Recovery is and provide links to the Health Regeneration and Regeneration articles. --Eabrace 14:39, 21 April 2009 (UTC)


Proposal: for discussion

Okay, I would like to actually have the term Recovery refer simply to the process of regaining Endurance; and the Recovery Rate refer to the rate at which it is recovered. They are not synonymous, although closely related. Ingame the term 'Recovery rate' seems used to refer to almost everything on this page.

Does this make sense? Examples of Recovery:

  • A player can make a complete recovery by consuming one large blue inspiration.
  • A player can recover more quickly by resting
  • A player can receover more quickly by using powers that cause damage to their opponents while increasing their own endurance (Dark Consumption)

Receovery rate is something different, and is the percentage of a player's endurance that is recovered each tick (one second in this case). The receovery rate of a player can be increased via different means:

  • Set bonuses
  • Some powers

Now, is this way off track? ;p

Taosin 13:26, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Base Recovery Rate

It appears that the 1.67%/sec recovery rate is the universal base recovery rate. I used Surveillance to test a variety of minions, lieutenants, and bosses as well as a handful of AVs (Requiem, Vanessa DeVore, Nemesis) and GMs (Paladin, Thorn, Jack in Irons, Kronos Class Titan, Rikti Master at Arms). Only a few of them had exceptions to the rate:

  • Kronos Class Titan had a 5.00%/sec recovery rate, of which 1.67% was "Base" and 1.67% and 1.67% each were "Resistance"
  • Vanessa DeVore has a 3.34% recovery rate, of which 1.67% was "Base" and 1.67% was "Resistance"

Even in those exceptions, the base recovery is clearly the same. I updated the article to reflect this. -- Sekoia 22:10, 12 May 2011 (UTC)

Base recovery is defined such that you'll recover 100% of your Endurance over 60 seconds. This is true for most entities in the game, and I don't believe any enemy classes behave any differently. Entities with increased recovery almost always gain it from an auto power, such as the ambiguous "Resistance." The only true exceptions I can think of are Arachnos Soldier and Arachnos Widow player classes, which have 1.75%/sec base recovery as part of their class definitions. The "Conditioning" auto power they have doesn't actually do anything. --GuyPerfect 23:55, 12 May 2011 (UTC)