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TPN Profile

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From the Story Arc "Rise to Power" given by Reese.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

TPN Profile

TPN has recently been running a profile on you after the victory you achieved in the Powers Division induction ceremony. The report on TPN is called...

Rise to Power

The report begins by detailing you capturing Tock, a member of the Resistance who had planted multiple explosive devices within the tunnels of Praetoria. Little do the TPN reporters know that Reese had sent you there in the hopes that you would be blown to pieces. He was rather surprised when you came back alive and with TPN reporting on your success.

The report continues, praising you for putting down the Resistance supply base that was within one of the warehouses in Nova. This, again, was an attempt by Reese to kill you. Your ally, Warrant, revealed during this time that he was tipping off TPN to the work that you were doing.

All of this culminated in the Induction Ceremony to Powers Division, an event that was broadcasted throughout all of Nova. The TPN report shows clips of you fighting Riptide, Aria, and Zane in the heart of the Magisterium. Upon their defeat, the camera zooms in on Reese's shocked face, a look that you think you'll remember for quite some time.

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