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Mairenn MacGregor

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Mairenn MacGregor
Mairenn MacGregor.jpg
Containment Specialist
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (140, 0, 1021)
Level Range 38-40
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

V badge Hydra.png Hydra

Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti
Badges Badge tourist 01.png Head of the Hydra
Badge trial zone 01.png Charmer
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Mairenn MacGregor is a hero contact in the Downside neighborhood of Atlas Park. She is located near the entrance to the Sewer Network.

Mairenn replaces Maren MacGregor as the Abandoned Sewers Trial contact as of Issue 12.


Contact Introduced By

  • None. Mairenn MacGregor gives missions to heroes that are security level 38 or higher.

Contact Introduces

  • None


Containment Specialist

Mairenn MacGregor is a containment specialist working for Freedom Corp. Slight in stature but not in bravery, tenacity, or attitude, Mairenn is charged with managing threats to Paragon citizens' safety.

The sewers, in particular, have become an increasing headache for Mairenn. She has discovered that while the Hydra within can be contained, it cannot be destroyed.

Her current assignment is to organize and dispatch small groups of heroes to deal with this ongoing threat.

Initial Contact

This is not a task to be taken on lightly...or alone. You WILL need help with this. Come back with at least three other heroes.

You need at least 4 members on your team, all of them at least Security Level 38. If they are over Security Level 40, they will be automatically exemplared down to Security Level 40 for the duration of the Task Force.

The Abandoned Sewers Trial

See Abandoned Sewers Trial