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Scent of Fixadine

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From the Story Arc "Destroy or Not Destroy, That is the Question" given by Jack Hammer.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Scent of Fixadine

You're easily able to smell when even the smallest amount of Fixadine is in the air - a helpful trait to have when dealing with Destroyers. You gained this ability after being exposed to a large amount of Fixadine in an experience you call...

Destroy or Not Destroy, That is the Question

You and Jack Hammer were working together to find Mr. Fixadine and the source of the drug in Nova. Mr. Fixadine 'informed' you of the location where he gets all of his supplies. You went in ahead of the Resistance, only to discover that the PPD were guarding the stash! You plowed through the PPD and defeated a guard appointed by Praetor White himself.

Jack Hammer and the Resistance arrived to help confiscate the supplies of Fixadine, but it was at this moment that a choice was presented. You could help Jack Hammer bring this Fixadine back... or you could turn to give the Fixadine right back to the Loyalists, in return for a very high position in the party, not to mention other various rewards. The choice was up to you - did you choose to aid the Resistance in creating their own army of soldiers addicted to Fixadine, or aid the Loyalists to increase your own wealth and power?

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