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Rage ampoule

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From the Story Arc "The Tsoo Shenanigans" given by Virginia Hoffman, Vitaly Cherenko, Kong Bao, or Thao Ku.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

Rage ampoule

You've kept this Rage ampoule as a reminder of the efforts to stop the Tsoo from poisoning the Trolls, in an adventure you've come to think of as:

The Tsoo Shenanigans

Concerned by the activities of the aggressive Tsoo, your contact sent you to Juliana Nehring for some data. She provided the information, and tipped you off to a possible connection between the Tsoo and the Trolls. You went to an office building where the two groups were meeting in secret. There, you recovered an ampoule of a drug you assumed to be Superadine.

You were also sent to an Outcasts hideout, where you encountered the Tsoo and recovered a strange bronze statue.

You took the drug you found to Wyatt Anderson for analysis, and learned that it was a new, Tsoo-manufactured drug called Rage. You took the artifact to Vitaly Cherenko, who told you that it was an extremely dangerous artifact that could consume the bearer's soul. It seemed clear that the Tsoo were trying to weaken their rival gangs. At Vitaly's suggestion, you hit the streets. After defeating many Tsoo, you recovered a note written in code.

You learned the location of the Tsoo headquarters and went to shut it down. There you discovered another bronze statue, much like the first one. Your contact then radioed you, to tell you the coded note had been deciphered. According to the note, the Tsoo were using Rage to poison the Trolls! You hastened to the Rage lab and destroyed it, putting an end to the Tsoo's evil plot.

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