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RMT is an acronym of 'Real Money Trade'. It refers to individuals and websites that facilitate trading real world currency for in-game currency.

NCsoft maintains a 'zero-tolerance' policy towards RMT and encourages players to report tells or spam they receive advertising RMT services in City of Heroes or City of Villains.

NCsoft's RMT Policy

On 08/07/07, Lighthouse posted an official response on the City of Heroes forum detailing NCsoft's policy on RMT.

Lighthouse's Post

With the rise in popularity of Issue 9: Breakthrough and the increase in commerce within Paragon City and the Rogue Isles we have seen more issues of annoying "spam" behavior to advertise Real Money Trading (RMT) web sites.

We wanted to make our customers aware that we have a zero tolerance for any such activity that interrupts normal game play through the use of advertising "tells." Accounts that engage these practices are quickly closed and banned from further activity in all NCsoft games.

Should you receive such a tell in City of Heroes or City of Villains advertising a web site, or any other such annoying behavior, please first use the /gignore and /ignore command to ignore that user globally and locally to stop any further such tells. Then make use of the in game /petition command to let our Customer Support Team know of the activity so we can address it.

We appreciate your feedback on this issue and your continued input about new spammers that crop up. We are working hard to provide the best play environment possible!

Tips for dealing with RMT Spam

  • Do not post any website addresses or email addresses sent to you by RMT spammer. This only gives the spammers more exposure.
  • Ignore the spammer with the tools provided:
    • Use the /ignore_spammer command to place the spammer on your ignore list and notify customer support of the spammer.
    • Use the "Spam" button in the email window to place the spammer on your ignore list, delete any emails from that global name, and notify customer support of the spammer.
  • Use the /copychat command to copy the text of RMT tells so that you can paste it into /petition, emails, or personal messages to a GM.