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  1. A click power or toggle that is queued has four red brackets surrounding it and will execute immediately upon being recharged or immediately upon completion of the power currently being activated. Only one power may be queued at a time. Attempting to queue another power will queue the new power and unqueue the previous one.
    • Will remain queued if the target is out of range or sight at time of activation.
      • Will unqueue if the target goes out of perception range.
    • Will remain queued if the character does not have the required endurance to activate.
    • Will activate when both of the above requirements are met.
    • Will not queue if the power requires a target, and does not have one.
    • Powexec abort (bound by default to "Esc") will unqueue a power.
  2. If a server is full to population cap, a queue will automatically begin to allow one player on at a time each time another player logs off or crashes out.
  3. The Team-Up Teleporter places a solo player or team/league into a queue for game content.