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Stealth and Perception

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A player or critter's Perception is simply the maximum distance, measured in feet, at which it can detect hostile targets. For players, it also affects the maximum distance at which targeted powers can be used against that enemy. Critters aren't limited this way. Once a critter becomes aggressive toward something, its AI remains aware of that target's exact location and can chase and attack it regardless of perception until it reverts to peaceful.

The Stealth of a target reduces the radius at which an enemy can see the target, making it possible for up-close sneak attacks. The Stalker archetype often relies on attacking from Hide, which is an alternate form of stealth unique to the Stalker archetype.

Example: Normally, if Character stood 45 feet from a Troll, he would need a perception radius of 45 feet to notice she was there. If Character had a stealth radius of 35 feet, he would need a perception radius of 80 feet to detect her. Or in other words, Character could stand up to 10 feet away from the Troll and not be seen; however, the Troll would see her if she moved any closer.

If Character has as much stealth as, or more stealth than, the perception of the enemy, Character will be invisible no matter how close she gets.

Everything has some amount of perception to begin with. The exact amount varies greatly:

Nothing has any stealth radius inherently. It must be granted by powers.

Notice that players have much higher perception than critters do. Because of this, all stealth powers have two values, one that applies to critters and one that applies to other players.

Ignoring Stealth

Snipers, like all enemies, will attack a character as soon as they can see the character (also called their "aggro radius") - if the character has no stealth, this means from 149 feet away instead of the standard 45 feet. This is due to their extra perception radius. They do not ignore stealth, they simply can see farther, canceling out some of the stealth radius a character may have.

However, there are enemies which ignore stealth. The enemy will not react to a player using no stealth from a further distance (as enemies with higher base perception, or perception buffs will), but as soon as a stealthed player is in range, the stealth-ignoring enemy will attack regardless. Enemies which ignore stealth completely include:

The enemies which ignore stealth all have their own legitimate reasons. Alien machines built with sophisticated scanners, otherworldly eyeball monsters, or tactical goggles, for example.

There are some enemies, most notably Longbow Eagles and some members of The Cabal that have a power called [Positioning] that makes these enemies appear to ignore stealth at times. These enemies are not meant to fight at melee range and Positioning forces them to move away from players. A side effect of this power is that it acts as a short range (8') Area of Effect attack. This "attack" forces stealth to suppress, allowing the enemy to see the player.

Attacking Stealthy Opponents

Stealthy opponents can be affected by powers even when they can't be detected. They simply can't be targeted. PBAoE powers can hit enemies if they're in the area, as can AoEs that are aimed at a spot on the ground. Targeted and cone AoEs can also hit hidden targets if aimed at visible ones close to them. A character can not assist a teammate that can see stealthy foes.

Powers that Utilize Stealth

Perception Powers

Here is an example listing of the perception bonuses or penalties granted by various powers. Note that Tactics applies its bonus to everyone on the team within line of sight and range. At least some powers that give perception bonuses vary their bonuses depending on character level. This listing is not necessarily complete.

Power Name Percentage Modifier Absolute Modifier
Tactics (bonus increases at higher levels, and varies with different ATs) +28.28% – +86.5% +141.4 – +432.5
Primary, secondary, and ancillary power pool perception toggles, such as: Focused Senses, Cloak of Darkness, Danger Sense, Glacial Armor, Targeting Drone, Focused Accuracy +60% +300
Rectified Reticle: Increased Perception, a unique To Hit Buff set crafted enhancement +20% +100
Smoke available to Controllers and Dominators; Flash Arrow for Defenders, Masterminds, Corruptors, and Controllers; Smoke Grenade available to Blasters and Arachnos Widows; Blinding Powder available to Stalkers -90% -450

The perception bonus from Tactics varies depending on the level and archetype of the character using it. See the Leadership Power Pool page for more details.

Stealth Powers

Here is an example listing of the stealth granted by various powers. This listing is not necessarily complete.

Power Grouping Example Powers PvP Stealth PvE Stealth
Phase Shift 250 25
Minor Stealth

Empowerment Station Buff)

250 25
Weak Stealth 300 30
PvE-Only Stealth 0 35
Normal Stealth 389 35
Better Stealth 400 40
Excellent Stealth * 500 50
Invisibility †

Concealment Pool)

611 55
Group Invisibility † 667 60
Shadowy Presence † 5,000 100
Hide ‡ 500 150
Superior Invisibility ‡ 1,000 200
* Provides invisibility to Minions and Lieutenants.
† Provides invisibility to Minions, Lieutenants, Bosses, Elite Bosses, and Archvillains.
‡ Provides invisibility to Minions, Lieutenants, Bosses, Elite Bosses, Archvillains, Turrets, Giant Monsters, and Snipers.

NOTE: Although Superior Invisibility provides 1000 feet of PvP stealth, the power is only available to Controllers, and the Controller PvP stealth cap is 571.5. While the extra 428.5 feet can act as a buffer to -Stealth powers such as Arctic Air, it would require 13 stacks of Arctic Air to go below a Controller's stealth cap.

Stacking Stealth

All stealth powers stack with one exception: Toggle powers whose primary purpose is stealth.

So, for example, if a character has Stealth from the Concealment Power Pool toggled on, and then toggle on Shadow Fall, then Concealment's Stealth will automatically toggle off. This is because both powers have a main focus of granting stealth radius.

This does not include powers which have a bonus stealth component, such as Super Speed or a a Stealth IO. So, for example, if a character has Concealment's Stealth toggled on (35 feet of Stealth in PvE) and then turns on Super Speed (35 feet) and turns on Sprint with a Stealth IO slotted into it (30 feet), then all three will remain on, for 100 feet of total stealth radius.

Maximums and Minimums

See the article on Limits to for more information about maximum and minimum values for stealth and perception.