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Quartermasters in the game function as store contacts. They buy enhancements, salvage, and recipes, as well as sell certain enhancements. There are a few different types.

Quartermaster Types


Arachnos Quartermaster

Hired by Arachnos and exclusively seen in the Rogue Isles, these are the most predominate type of store for villain players, mirroring the heroes' origin store contacts such as Serafina, and the late-game contact Ghost Falcon. Unlike those contacts, Quartermasters do not ask villain players to complete a task before they will buy and sell. Quartermasters' outfits bear a striking resemblance to an Arbiter, but they perform a different role.

They are named based on what enhancements they sell: "Quartermaster" types with no designation sell Training Enhancements; any quartermaster with an origin in its name sells that origin's Dual-Origin and Single-Origin Enhancements; the Elite Quartermaster in Grandville sells all Single Origin Enhancements from every origin.


The Vanguard Quartermaster, found within the Vanguard Base in the Rikti War Zone, functions much the same as Arachnos' Elite Quartermasters, selling level 35, 40, 45, and 50 Single-Origin Enhancements to both heroes and villains. One is located next to The Lady Grey, while the other can be found near the shooting range.