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Penelope Yin Task Force

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A Clamor for the People
Penelope Yin (TF).jpg
Contact Penelope Yin (Freedom Phalanx)
Zone Independence Port
Minimum Size 5 players
Coordinates (-1636, 0, -5856)
Level Range 20-25
Merits 20
Badge Badge task force 03.png Penelope Yin's Friend
Enemy Groups Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow
Badge villain council.png Council
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The Penelope Yin Task Force is the third of six Freedom Phalanx Task Forces, and the completion of all six grants the Task Force Commander Badge. The other five task forces are started by Positron, Synapse, Citadel, Manticore, and Numina.

This task force is also designated as a Signature Task Force. As such, missions will always spawn mobs at level 25 or higher, regardless of team members' levels.

This task force was added to the game in Issue 23, when Penelope Yin joined the Freedom Phalanx after the death of Sister Psyche and the subsequent move of her task force to Ouroboros. Either Sister Psyche's Comrade or Penelope Yin's Friend can be used for the Task Force Commander Accolade.

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 20 Reward Merits.


Initial Contact

To form a task force, you need five or more heroes in your group.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

You need at least 5 members on your team, all of them at least Level 20. If they are over Level 25, they will be automatically exemplared to Level 25 for the duration of the Task Force.


Part One: Party Crasher

Mission Briefing

Character! Hey!

Ahem... I mean, hello, Character, good day to you. I've been tasked to help out with a very important situation! You're familiar with Terra Volta, right?

There's been nothing but problems with the reactor over all these years, but the city council intends to change that! They're pushing to release some sort of bill or act to improve Terra Volta's power supply and its defenses. It's going to be all over the news!

I've been asked to assemble a team of heroes to attend the city council's opening address to the people of Independence Port. It's basically guard duty, so... not very fancy. I guess that's what the youngest member of the Phalanx gets stuck with, huh? I'll be staying here to monitor things with my psychic powers.

I know it's not the most glorious task in the world, but would you and your team be up for attending the city council's announcement?

Mission Acceptance

Great! Between you and me, I think that Positron gave this to me knowing that this would be an easy task.

There's a Longbow helicopter nearby that will lift you to where the announcement is happening. I think they're planning to do it right outside of Terra Volta.

Make sure to tell your team to wear their best outfits, you'll be all over the news! Oh, and what do you guys think of the name Task Force Name for your group? Not too bad, huh?

Unnecessary Solicitation

How's the whole task going?

Mission Objective(s)

Your helicopter ride is interrupted by a loud explosion!
The helicopter crashes into the street of Independence Port, but you manage to escape relatively unharmed.
Up ahead, you see the cause of the crash - the Freakshow!

  • Protect the City Council
    • 3 groups of civilians to rescue from the Freakshow
    • 2 groups of Freakshow to clear outside the PPD station
    • Rescue the PPD chief inside the precinct

You've settled things in Independence Port, but the city council has gone missing!


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Notable NPCs

  • 5lIC3 @nD dicer (Freakshow Tank)
  • 5ma5H aND 8a$H3r (Freakshow Tank)
  • tH3 kIDn@pp3R (Freakshow Tank)


Oh man, this is really bad! Clamor of the Freakshow is out, and the city council has been kidnapped by those... well, those freaks!

Lucky for us that Robert Alderman sent us that location! We need to move fast, Task Force Name, the Freakshow aren't known for keeping their hostages alive!

Part Two: One Opposed

Mission Briefing

I'd love to give you some long briefing here, Task Force Name, but to be honest, I've got nothing. We can end this right here, though, if we go rescue the city council from the Freakshow!

The location that Mr. Alderman gave me leads to an office building nearby!

If you hurry, we can rescue all of them and be on our way!

  • We're on it.

Great! I'm going to work on tracking down Clamor. Her mind is hard to read... there's just a ton of chaotic thoughts going around Independence Port right now that I can't pinpoint which one is hers. Maybe you'll luck out and she'll be there with the hostages!

Rescue the City Council

Unnecessary Solicitation

I still can't find Clamor, Character. I'm doing my best, though!

Mission Objective(s)

The Freakshow have made this office their home. Time to kick them out and get back the City Council.

  • Rescue the City Council
    • 4 members of the City Council to rescue

You've settled things in Independence Port, but the city council has gone missing!


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Notable NPCs

  • e4RTH5h4KeR (Freakshow Tank)
  • 8R3Ak3R (Freakshow Tank)
  • R4Mp493R (Freakshow Tank)
  • 5L4U9H7ErEr (Freakshow Tank)

Rescue Robert Alderman

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm not sure what the Freakshow are up to, but we need to work fast to save Robert Alderman!

Mission Objective(s)

The helicopter drops you off in front of a warehouse in Terra Volta. You storm inside only to find... the bodies of Freakshow strewn across the floor.

  • Rescue Robert Alderman
    • 3 Council raid leaders to defeat to gain access to the bottom floor
    • Rescue Robert Alderman


Badge villain council.png Council

Stop Clamor from Destroying Paragon City!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Alderman...! Why would he do such a thing?!

Mission Objective(s)

The helicopter drops you off outside the Terra Volta reactor.

If you don't stop Clamor here, Paragon City will be destroyed by her super sonic device!

  • Stop Clamor from Destroying Paragon City!
    • Defeat Clamor
    • 4 computers to activate at the same time to stop Clamor's device!

You've saved Paragon City from Clamor's sonic device!


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Notable NPCs

  • Clamor (Freakshow Arch-Villain)
Balloon.png Clamor: We're on the brink of a new Paragon, no more classes, no more divisions, no more control!

Clamor: The city will be remade, and YOU, Task Force Name, won't stop me!


Wow, you guys did an AWESOME JOB! Clamor is back in the Zig, where she belongs, and the guards that helped her escape are also in there with her.

Robert Alderman was also arrested for aiding a super villain in a city-wide destruction plot. I hear that's really serious.

I almost feel bad for him, I mean, he just wanted to help the people of the city, right? It's just to bad that he was so short-sighted that he thought that he could help everyone by using a psychopathic killer.

Task Force Name, you guys saved Paragon City, and I get the feeling that this isn't the first time you've done it. We all make a really good team, let's work together again in the future!


Robert Alderman's Confession

Penelope Yin sent you a link to a video on the internet. It's Robert Alderman's public confession about helping Clamor break out of the Zig in an attempt to help the people of Paragon City by destroying Terra Volta. It reminds you of an experience you call...

A Clamor for the People

It all started when Penelope Yin asked you and a team of heroes to act as super heroic guards for the city council. They were planning on announcing new plans to put more money into Terra Volta to make it run better than ever, as well as beefing up the security for it. You went to meet with the city council via helicopter, but were shot down by the Freakshow. After cleaning up the mess that the Freaks left in Independence Port, you received a message from Robert Alderman with details on where the members of the city council were being kept.

You stormed the Freakshow office and rescued the city council, only to find that Robert Alderman was not amongst their numbers. Penelope Yin, however, was able to pinpoint Alderman's location: a warehouse within Terra Volta!

When you arrived in the warehouse, you found the bodies of the Freakshow thrown about the area. The Council had arrived, and they were looking for Clamor, who was one of their former scientists! You found Robert Alderman and unconvered his plans. He hoped to use Clamor to destroy Terra Volta once and for all. He would then spearhead an initiative to create a cheaper and more efficient source of energy for Paragon City to use, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars. However, Clamor went off the rails and planned on using a new sonic device that would destroy ALL of Paragon City!

You rushed to the Terra Volta reactor and did battle with Clamor at the heart of it. You stopped Clamor and her sonic device, saving all of Paragon City from certain destruction!

Now, Robert Alderman's trial is running on public television for all the people of Paragon to watch, though some citizens believe that he may have been on to something regarding the large amount of money being thrown at Terra Volta...