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Template:Mission Briefing

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Format Option 1: {{Mission Briefing|Type=|Contact=|Text=}}

Format Option 2: {{Mission Briefing|Contact=|Brief=|Accept=|TeamReq=|Solicit=}}

Format Option 3: {{Mission Briefing|Contact=|Debrief=}}

  • Type is the the type of information communicated (Briefing/Debriefing/Threat of DOOOMM!!!1!). This option can be left out, and will default to "Briefing" if the Text parameter is in use.
  • Contact is the contact that gives the info
  • Text is the information the contact delivers. This was originally the only text parameter in the template, but can now be replaced with a combination of the following options.
  • Brief is the information a contact gives you prior to accepting the mission.
  • Accept is the information a contact gives you immediately following mission acceptance.
  • TeamReq is the information a contact gives you concerning any team restrictions (i.e. when a TF/SF contact tells you that all members of your team must be in the zone before you may begin or one or more team members are not a high enough level.)
  • Solicit is the information a contact gives you if you solicit them after mission acceptance and before completion.
  • Debrief is the information a contact gives you after mission completion.
  • Image is an option that allows an editor to specify an image name that may not match the name of the contact.
  • Size alters the size of the image used with Image (above). This parameter has no effect if Image is not used.


{{Mission Briefing|Type=Briefing|Contact=Scirocco|Text=Greetings.  There is much work to be done.}}


Greetings. There is much work to be done.

In addition, there is an optional ContactLink parameter that allows linking to a page other than the exact name of the Contact. For example, when documenting a briefing from the ally named Faultline, the link will point to the page for the zone named Faultline by default. Adding the ContactLink parameter allows that link to be pointed at Faultline (Ally) instead, while still correctly referencing the proper small contact image.


{{Mission Briefing|Type=Briefing|Contact=Faultline|ContactLink=Faultline (Ally)|Text=We need to rescue Fusionette... again.}}


We need to rescue Fusionette... again.