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Olivia Darque

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Olivia Darque


Olivia Darque is a villain in need of rescue. She belongs to the Arachnos faction.

In the mission "Secure Olivia Darque from the Longbow ambush", she must be freed from her Longbow captors and escorted back to the mission exit. Once free, she will aggro on everything nearby, and her aggro radius is fairly big, so she may get in trouble if you don't keep an eye on her. She may be in danger if you didn't clear the path before freeing her, as waves of Longbow ambushers (including a boss-level hero) will come after her.
Olivia Darque spawns as a Pet of the level of the mission owner plus one. She must survive for the mission to be successful.

She's a central figure in the Story Arc "Alone in the Darque", where Efficiency Expert Pither will have to learn what has happened with the now vanished Olivia, which she can be found finally in the Shadow Shard.

During this SA she's mentioned to be "The governess of Aeon City", which is strange, taking into account that Dr. Aeon is the governor of Cap au Diable. Her relation with Dr. Aeon hasn't been clarified yet.

Villains may find her:


The assistant to Marshal Brass is one of the big players in Cap au Diable. Do right by her and you may be well on your way to greatness. Let Longbow defeat her and your life won't be worth much.


Druing the mission Secure Olivia Darque from the Longbow ambush:

Once free: You better do right by me, Character, or Arachnos will hear about it
At the mission exit: I'll remember you, Character

During the mission Find Olivia Darque, in the Shadow Shard:

Once free: That... thing told me how to get out of here. You cover my escape!


DarkCast SoulDrain.png Gloom Ranged, Damage over Time (Negative), Foe -Accuracy
Gloom slowly drains a target of life and reduces his chances to hit. Slower than Dark Blast, but deals more Damage over Time.

DarkCast DarkBlast.png Dark Blast (Ranged, Negative, Damage over Time, Negative) Foe -Accuracy
Olivia Darque can launch a long range blast of dark energy. Deals moderate damage and reduces the target's chance to hit.

DarkCast TenebrousTentacles.png Tenebrous Tentacles Ranged (Cone), Minor Damage over Time (Negative), Foe Immobilize, -To Hit
You can create a cone shaped rift to the netherworld that allows its native creatures to slip their oily tentacles into our reality. These creatures will snare all foes within range, immobilizing them while the tentacles drain their life and reduce their chance to hit.

DarkCast LifeDrain.png Life Drain Ranged, Negative, Foe -Accuracy, Self + HP
Olivia Darque taps the powers of the netherworld to steal some life from a target foe and reduce his chance to hit. Some of that life is then transferred to her.

ShadowFighting ShadowPunch.png Shadow Punch Melee, Smash/Negative, Low Damage, Foe -Accuracy
A basic punch draws power from the netherworld. Shadow Punch deals moderate damage and reduces the target's accuracy.

ShadowFighting Smite.png Smite Melee, Smash/Negative, Medium Damage, Foe -Accuracy
More powerful version of Shadow Punch, Smite deals more damage, but takes longer to recharge. Like Shadow Punch, Smite can reduce the target's accuracy.

ShadowFighting ShadowMawl.png Shadow Maul Melee, Smash/Negative, High Damage over Time, Foe -Accuracy
This deadly attack unleashes a flurry of shadow punches pummeling your foe with focuses negative energy. Shadow Maul deals a lot of damage over a short period of time. Like most Shadow Punches, Shadow Maul can reduce the target´s accuracy.