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Newspaper Clipping

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From the Strike Force "The Spider Weaves His Web" given by Mender Tesseract.

Souvenir's Text

Newspaper Clipping

Had someone told you that you would be traveling back in time to 1963 to assassinate President Marchand so that Lord Recluse could assume power over the Rogue Isles, you would have told them they were nuts. But that is exactly what you did. Through trials of misinformation, a mulish contact and surviving the three fates worse than death, you proved your dedication to Lord Recluse and finally made it to the Marchand Building in St. Martial.

There, you took on loyalists utterly dedicated to keep Marchand in power, from local citizens to his staff to government operatives hired on to ensure his safety. They were no match for you. You completed your mission and history has come full circle to ensure Lord Recluse's reign. For your trouble and effort, you hold in your hand an old and weathered newspaper clipping, the words barely visible on decaying paper. The headline reads:

"President Marchand dead. Assassin unknown."

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