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Halloween Costume Set

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The Halloween Costume Set is only available through the Paragon Market. This set contains 12 costume pieces (plus variations) and one aura.

Costume Bundle

ParagonMarket CostumeSet Halloween.png
The Halloween Costume Bundle was available on the Paragon Market from October 18, 2011, to November 18, 2011, for 400 Paragon Points. If purchasing all of the pieces separately, they would have cost 800pp total.

Costume Pieces

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Need to get Paragon Market icons the next time the set is available.


Think Tank

ParagonMarket Halloween ThinkTankHeadPackage.png Think Tank (M/F/H) - 200pp


ParagonMarket Halloween PiranhaHead.png Piranha Head (M/F/H) - 60pp


  • Vampire Face (M/F/H) - 40pp
  • Medusa Face (F) - 40pp


  • Beehive Hair (F) - 40pp
  • Serpentine Hair (F) - 40pp

Upper Body

Chest Details

  • Vampire Frilled Ascot (M/F/H) - 20pp
    • Only available with Robes and Jackets


ParagonMarket Halloween FishMonsterGloves.png Fish Monster Gloves (M/F/H) - 40pp

  • Not available with Robes, Jackets, or Trench Coats

Lower Body


ParagonMarket Halloween FishMonsterBoots.png Fish Monster Boots (M/F/H) - 40pp

Back Detail

High Collar

  • Vampire High Collar Package (M/F/H) - 100pp

Any Mantle

  • Vampire Brooch (M/F/H) - 20pp


  • Spider Web Wings (M/F/H) - 80pp


ParagonMarket Aura Bats.png Bats Aura (M/F/H) - 80pp


There are no emotes related to this costume set.


There are no powers related to this costume set.

Preselected Costumes

There are no preselected costumes for this set.

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