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Invention License

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ParagonMarket InventionLicense.png
An Invention License allows the ability to access the Invention System, including salvage and recipe drops, crafting and slotting Invention Origin Enhancements, utilizing the enhancement portion of already-slotted Invention Origin Enhancements, utilizing Set Bonuses, and crafting Invention Temporary Powers. Without this license, none of the above points are available.

Invention powers already crafted will continue to be usable until all charges are expended. Likewise, invention costume pieces already crafted will continue to be available to the crafter, but further pieces cannot be crafted.

License Sources

Paragon Market

This item can be purchased at the Paragon Market for 160 Paragon Points and lasts for 30 days. Purchasing this license will allow all characters on your account access to crafting Inventions from a recipe at any crafting table for 30 days from time of purchase. Without a valid Invention License, all IOs are "greyed out" and provide no enhancement value or set bonuses.

NOTE: A character's already-slotted IOs are not deleted or otherwise "lost" if Invention System access is restricted. They are simply disabled. They may be removed via Power Respecification, or kept until earning the appropriate Paragon Reward, or to use while subscribing. It is commonly suggested to keep one character build with only Single-Origin Enhancements if planning on alternating between accessing and being restricted from the Invention System.

Paragon Rewards Program

This item can be permanently earned through the Paragon Rewards Program at Tier 7's bonus (27 Reward Tokens).

VIP Status

This item is automatically included for VIP Players. As soon as subscription lapses, a Premium player must purchase a license to continue using the Invention System if they have not reached the Tier 7 bonus.

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