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Enhancement Unslotter

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Salvage Unslotter.png

Enhancement Unslotters are Special Salvage available on the Paragon Market and through the Paragon Rewards Program. Each unslotter allows the removal of one slotted enhancement of any type (e.g. Training, Dual, and Single Origin standard enhancements, Hamidon Origin Enhancements, Invention Origin Enhancements, and all other enhancements).

Using Unslotters

To use the unslotter, simply enter the Enhancement Management screen, then click and drag an enhancement to the enhancement tray at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation pops up, which can be set to always allowing dragged enhancements to be unslotted without any warning confirmation. This option can also be accessed via the Options Window.

Enhancement Unslotters cannot be traded by any means. Enhancements removed from a character's build by unslotters can be traded as normal.


Enhancement Unslotters can be purchased from the Paragon Market:

  • 120 Paragon Points (PP) for 1 unslotter
  • 300 PP for 3 unslotters (100 PP each)
  • 450 PP for 5 unslotters (90 PP each)

Enhancement Unslotters are available in the Paragon Rewards Program:

Enhancement Unslotters are a random reward from Super Packs:

  • 1 unslotter as a common card
  • 2 unslotters as an uncommon card
  • 3 unslotters as a rare card