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Enhancement Booster Salvage

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Salvage EnhancementBooster.png

Enhancement Boosters are Special Salvage available on the Paragon Market and through the Paragon Rewards Program. When applied to Invention Origin Enhancements (IOs), whether it is a set piece or a common piece, it increases the effectiveness of the enhancement by 5% per application, without changing the base level of the enhancement. IOs can be boosted by a maximum of 25%, or Level X+5.

Using Boosters

To use this salvage, enter the enhancement management screen. Click on the power that contains the slotted IO. Once in the combine screen, click on the enhancement to boost. This will cause the enhancement to slide into the left combine slot and will cause the Enhancement Booster salvage to appear in this screen. Click the Enhancement Booster to cause it to slide into the right combine slot. Click Combine to complete.

Procs and Globals are unaffected; however if they come with an enhancement portion, the enhancement portion is boosted (for example, with the LotG: Def/+Rech, the defense is boosted but the recharge bonus is not). Attuned enhancements (such as Archetype Enhancements or Store-Bought Enhancements) cannot be boosted.

As an example, a level 30 Damage IO buffs damage by 34.8%. Boosting it with one Enhancement Booster brings it to 36.54% enhancement, which is just under a level 35 in enhancement value, while still allowing a level 27 character to slot it. Boosting it with five Enhancement Boosters brings it up to 43.5%, which is higher than a level 50 Damage IO, and still allows a level 27 character to slot it!

Due to the percentage multiplier, the higher level an IO is, the bigger the boost becomes; a level 50 Schedule A IO with five boosts goes from 42.4% to 53%!

Boosted enhancements function at their natural level; exemplaring does not break bonuses until exemplared more than three levels below the natural level of the IO, like normal. This means a build with a lot of Level 30 set enhancements that have been boosted can perform on par with or above Level 50 sets, and set bonuses will still function all the way down to level 27. However, the exemplar effect on enhancements still applies, if each individual enhancement portion is large enough.

Enhancement Diversification affects the total boosted values.

Trading Boosted Enhancements

Boosted enhancements can only be re-used by the character that boosted the enhancement. Boosted enhancements can be brought out of one's build and into the enhancement tray with an unslotter or during a respec. It can then be used elsewhere in one's build or in an alternate build.

Attempts to trade boosted enhancements through the player to player trade function or by 'dropping' them on other players will strip the boost from the enhancement. There is no way to hand off a boosted enhancement while retaining the boost. The only way to trade boosted enhancements is to sacrifice and lose the boost.

Boosted enhancements cannot be traded indirectly. They will not drop into global email attachments or base enhancement tables or at the auction house so as to be picked up or bought by another character on one's account or by other players.

Boost Values

The following table shows the percentage multiple boosters grant, and by what multiplier an IO will be modified by, followed by specific enhancement examples.

Boost Percentage Multiplier Level 30
Damage IO
Level 30
Defense IO
Level 30
End/Def IO
Level 50
Damage IO
Level 50
Acc/Dam IO
Damage IO
X 0 1 34.8% 20.9% 21.75% / 13.06% 42.4% 26.5% / 26.5% 53%
X+1 5% 1.05 36.54% 21.945% 22.8375% / 13.713% 44.52% 27.825% / 27.825% 55.65%
X+2 10% 1.1 38.28% 22.99% 23.925% / 14.366% 46.64% 29.15% / 29.15% 58.3%
X+3 15% 1.15 40.02% 24.035% 25.0125% / 15.019% 48.76% 30.475% / 30.475% 60.95%
X+4 20% 1.2 41.76% 25.08% 26.1% / 15.672% 50.88% 31.8% / 31.8% 63.6%
X+5 25% 1.25 43.5% 26.125% 27.1875% / 16.325% 53% 33.125% / 33.125% 66.25%