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Vanguard Pack

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This item pack is part of the Seventh Year Anniversary Event Loyalty Program available only by maintaining an active account for the three months preceding City of Heroes' 7th Anniversary. All these items can be unlocked on a character by character by purchasing them Vanguard Merits with the exception of the non-combat pet (see below). Accounts with the Vanguard Pack have them unlocked automatically on all characters from character creation onward. It was implemented on April 28, 2011

Costume Pieces

Badge bughunter 01.png Bug! Normally, when a character buys one of these Vanguard costume pieces from a Vanguard workbench, the costume disappears from the workbench list of costume recipes so that you can't waste Vanguard Merits and Inf by buying the same pieces several times over. However, if your account has received the Vanguard Pack and thus, all your characters have all the Vanguard costume pieces, the costume recipes are not removed from the Vanguard workbench and it is possible to waste Vanguard Merits and Inf by 'buying' costume pieces your character already has access to.

Non-Combat Pet

A unique, in-game, non-combat pet: the Vanguard MVAS (Miniature Vanguard Assault Suit), a miniature, non-combat replica of the Vanguard HVAS (Heavy Vanguard Assault Suit). This is similar to previous non-combat pets offered through Paragon Rewards Program. This is unique to the Pack and can't be purchased with Vanguard Merits. The power can be found in the Inherent Power section of the Powerlist window.


Vanguard Costume change emote is also included.

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