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Mr. Fixadine's Card

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From the Story Arc "I Destroy, Therefore I Am!" given by Jack Hammer.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Mr. Fixadine's Card

Mr. Fixadine gave you this card in an attempt to gain your favor - after you beat him into the ground. It reminds you of an experience called...

I Destroy, Therefore I am!

It all started with a partnership between you and Jack Hammer of the Resistance. The goal was to track down the source of Fixadine in order to gain control of the Destroyers - and also inject members of the Resistance with the drug. You tracked down a dealer named 'Wheeler' under the pretense that he was a main dealer within Nova. You found out from Wheeler that he was just another step in the chain of command - the main dealer of Fixadine in Nova was someone named Mr. Fixadine.

You next went to rendezvous with a PPD officer named Sergeant McIntosh, who was supposed to be investigating Mr. Fixadine. You found McIntosh dead in the lab he was investigating - the Destroyers were tipped off about his investigation and attacked McIntosh. You were able to find McIntosh's research on Mr. Fixadine, along with a possible location.

Following the lead, you cornered Mr. Fixadine in a warehouse - it was supposed to be full of Fixadine, but, as it turns out, Mr. Fixadine also was just another step to the top.

Capturing Mr. Fixadine, however, gave you your best lead yet - he revealed where a large stash of Fixadine was in Nova. All you would have to do next is to find and claim it yourself. There's one thing that keeps coming up in your mind, however. Sergeant McIntosh says that he was ordered off the case after he found out about Mr. Fixadine. Was McIntosh's death by the Destroyers a coincidence, or was there something happening behind the scenes? Only time will tell...

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