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Mission:What Schemes May Come - Part Four: Traitor by Trade

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Part Four: Traitor by Trade


Finally, the empire of Aeon has crumbled! Their blessed technology is useless to them, and all of Aeon City has been plunged into darkness! Praise be to-

  • Whoa, hold on. All of Aeon City?

Yes! Inspired by your leadership, our brothers have gone to the very heart of the corruption! Martin Henri himself leads them now, to assault the PTS and end Aeon's reign of technological tyranny!

Rejoice, brother / sister, for today, we shall save the troubled peoples of this place from the corruption that surrounds them!

  • Leave
Investigate the Luddite Attack

Unnecessary Solicitation

The prophesied time has come to pass!


What's wrong, brother / sister? You seem displeased. Are you not proud of the progress we have achieved? Progress that you, the Chosen One, have made possible?

  • ...Sure. Proud. You said that Martin Henri's attacking the PTS right now?

Yes indeed! Brother Henri was so inspired by your bold course, attacking the very veins through which the corruption is spread, that he ordered the entire city be freed. The paltry defenses that Aeon has installed at the power station will be no match for-

Hammond is cut off mid-sentence as the entire city goes dark. Hammond flashes you a knowing smile.

I must spread the good news to our brothers, elsewhere in the city. Rejoice, brother / sister, for today we are victorious!

  • This can't be happening... (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


This cannot be good.

  • Investigate the Luddite Attack
    • Fend off the incoming demons!
    • Talk to Dr. Aeon
    • Board Dr. Aeon's flier
    • Enter the PTS building
    • Stop Martin Henri!

At Dr. Aeon's request, you defeated Martin Henri and drove the Luddites out of the PTS.


V badge DemonDefeatBadge.png Cap au Diable Demons
V badge BatZul.png Bat'Zul
V badge NoPipes.png Luddites

Notable NPCs

Balloon.png Luddite Brawler: Brother / Sister! We've done it!

Luddite Brawler: All technology is powerless before us! We can finally-
Luddite Brawler: Augh!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! 2 waves of Cap au Diable Demons will attack on entry followed by one wave of Bat'Zul minions

After Defeating the First Wave of Cap au Diable Demons

After Defeating the Second Wave of Cap au Diable Demons

Upon Defeating the Bat'Zul minions


Dr. Aeon is in the middle of what looks like a furious, barely-controlled tantrum. When you approach, he glares at you from under his goggles, teeth clenched tight.

Do you have ANY idea what you have done? You have sabotaged my city, subjected the area to demonic rampages, and worst of all, you have humiliated me in the eyes of Lord Recluse. And all for some petty cash ?

I should KILL you for this!

  • So far, all I'm hearing is talk, Aeon.

An angry red vein protrudes from Aeon's forehead. He slowly raises his arm and presses a button on the chestpiece of his powered armor. An automated voice begins emitting from small speakers built into the armor:


As you can see, I'm in a bit of a bind. Charging my suit would be no problem, but SOMEONE gathered a bunch of filthy rubes and assaulted my POWER STATION!

  • That sounds like quite the predicament.

Aeon scowls at you.

Yes. Quite.

So, you see, I am currently unable to handle the Luddite problem directly. I find myself in need of someone... capable... to handle the problem for me.

  • For the right price, I could be that someone.

You... you want me to pay you... to clean up your own mess? Of all the...

Dr. Aeon chokes on his own rage for a moment, before recovering enough to be coherent again.

...Alright, Character. You... have yourself a deal. Even though by all rights I should be rearranging your skeletal system right now, I will... hire you... to stop the Luddites and reactivate the Power Transfer System.

Board my flier. It will take you to the appropriate location. Now get out of my sight.

  • Pleasure doing business with you.


Glad to see you here, Character. The Luddites have entrenched themselves pretty deep, and have managed to repel most of our incursions thus far. Their rank-and-file don't seem to be very coordinated or disciplined, but their leader has exhibited powers on a scale that our operatives can't match.

Dr. Aeon has asked that I support you in this mission. I'll be joining you in the PTS.

  • Glad to have the help.
(Marshal Brass will accompany you)
  • That won't be necessary, Marshal. I prefer to work alone.
As you wish. Good luck in there, Character.

Confront Brother Hammond


Hammond greets you with an ominous glare.

I have nothing to say to you, traitor. You may have seduced my faith with your false words, but I am not fool enough to allow you to do it again.

  • It was *your* prophecy, Hammond. I just took an opportunity where I saw one.
Your petty 'opportunity' has cost the people of this island dearly. With Aeon's technology back in power, the citizens are once more enthralled.
Hammond glowers at you.
It is clear to me that the forces working against us are too powerful for our order to confront directly. With Brother Henri missing, it falls to me to guide our order down a new path.
The prophecies are true, Character, and the consequences of inaction would be dire indeed. As our order evolves, perhaps one day you will see the value in our quest. I hope, for your sake, that you do.
  • Please, save your sanctimony. I'm leaving.
  • Are you serious? You realize you've been helping a *demon*, right?
Brother Henri may have acted erratically in the moments before his disappearance, but I can assure you that our order is free of such influence. The might of our order is clearly not enough to compete with its foes... for now. It is my intention to change this.
Our order will be made anew, Character. We shall grow stronger, and once we have gathered our might, we will sweep across the world and spread the Truth. Our cries will echo across nations, and when our armies descend to rid the world of demonic filth shrouded as 'progress', our foes will tremble in fear.
Hammond stares at you, wide-eyed. For an instant, he looks more like Martin Henri than the mild-mannered Luddite you've come to expect.
When we have changed, Character, pray that we do not meet again. Your penance will not be pleasant.
  • Yes, well, good luck with all that.


Completion of this mission awards the False Prophet badge.

File:Badge i22 mission cad falseprophet.png False Prophet

You're not above using others' beliefs to your own advantage, especially when they're as gullible as the Luddites.