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Brother Hammond

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Brother Hammond
Brother Hammond.jpg
Luddite Preacher
Zone Cap au Diable
Coordinates (-242, 135, 781)
Level Range 15-24
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge DemonDefeatBadge.png Cap au Diable Demons
V badge ConsortiumDefeatBadge.png Cage Consortium
V badge NoPipes.png Luddites
V badge BatZul.png Bat'Zul
Badges False Prophet
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Brother Hammond is a villain contact in Cap au Diable at coordinates (-242, 135, -781). His level range is 15-24. He is approximately 160 yards North and slightly east of the Aeon City neighborhood marker, next to the wall of the Crey building.


Contact Introduced By

  • None

Contact Introduces

  • None


Luddite Preacher

Brother Hammond was one of Martin Henri's first converts, and has been a devoted follower ever since. While many of his brothers take up arms against those who would use technology - which his order proclaims is as sinful as making bargains with devils - he chooses instead to evangelize on the streets of Aeon City. He believes that, if he can spread the word of Truth to enough people, his brotherhood will grow to become a sizable force in Cap au Diable. So far, those efforts have proved fruitless.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

A dirty-looking man in a hood is waving his hands around, shouting at the top of his lungs.

Hear me, people! You may drink in the excesses that Aeon provides you now, but if you do not act soon, your souls will be forfeit! Aeon has made a terrible bargain, and all of the Rogue Isles will suffer for his hubris!

Come to me now, and let me tell you of the Chosen One! Soon, she will rise from the ranks of the fallen, and will strike at Aeon and his minions!

  • Interesting... I'd like to hear more.
(Begins mission briefing)
  • Don't you people ever shut up?
The man glares at you with contempt.
I shall suffer your insults with dignity, dog of Aeon, for I know that I speak the Truth. The words of the great Martin Henri spread wisdom to the masses. If you cannot bear to hear the words of Truth, so be it. The price of ignorance will be yours to pay.
The man points a dirty finger at you.
But if you stay, and hear my words... you will see their wisdom. Not even the greatest of fools can remain ignorant after hearing the Truth.
  • Oh, this should be good. Go ahead and tell me your 'truth'.


Greetings, Brother / Sister Character.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

No More Missions

Begone, foul one. Your forked tongue will not sway me again.


  • None

Story Arc

What Schemes May Come

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Letter of Thanks from Dr. Aeon

This letter is addressed to you, and appears to be handwritten.

I can only assume that Lord Recluse is displeased with me, for he must be aware of the humiliation I suffer in this task. He has personally commanded me to write you a letter of thanks for your timely intervention during the attack on the Power Transfer System, and I am to wish you well in the future, regardless of...

What Schemes May Come

So thank you for stealing the XF-9 Carbon Inverter from my lab, and announcing the deed for all to hear. And thanks as well for luring my idiot lieutenants into Aeon City, so that you could assault them and gain the favor of the Luddite hordes. Thanks especially for ordering said horde to attack one of the power lines in my fair city, just so that you can rob the surrounding area blind without threat of retaliation. And lest I forget, thank you for inspiring the Luddites to attack the PTS, the heart that pumps life into all of Aeon City, and nearly awakening a subterranean beast of unimaginable power. Oh, and thank you for requiring me to pay you to undo all of the destruction you caused, humiliating me in the process.

Cordially, Doctor Thaddeus Aeon, ASQA

P.S. You may be glad to know that Lord Recluse has also barred me from retaliating against you in any way.

P.P.S. I hope that a dimensional rift spontaneously appears within your innards and you explode in a shower of gore and Rikti Monkeys.

Part One: A Web for the Spider


The hooded man looks at you skeptically, but spreads his hands in a welcoming gesture.

I am here to spread the words of Truth to those that would hear it, no matter where they may come from. My name is Brother Hammond. Stay with me, and listen.

Soon the Chosen One will appear to lead us, risen from the shadows to save us from Aeon and his corruption. The prophecies say that she will enter the center of the corruption, the very heart of the darkness, and there she will face three great evils. With the might of the Truth, she shall strike down the corrupt, and will arise as the champion of the righteous. She will lead us to glory, and victory over Aeon and his dark works.

You can't help but notice how... achievable Hammond's prophecy sounds. The Luddites aren't an especially capable force in the Rogue Isles, but having them at your beck and call could prove useful.

So, brother / sister, you have heard a small part of the Truth. Will you be joining us in our crusade?

  • Perhaps, brother. But I have something important to do first.

Hammond nods solemnly.

Ours is a quest of sacrifice. If you wish to bid farewell to loved ones and break ties with your old ways, then do so. I will be here for some time, spreading the Truth. When you are ready, come see me once more.

The prophecy mentioned that the Chosen One would enter the 'heart of the darkness' and face 'three evils'. If you assume the 'heart of darkness' is referring to Aeon City Square, then fulfilling the prophecy is a simple matter of setting a trap for Aeon's Arachnos flunkies.

And as everyone in the Rogue Isles knows, the best way to attract the attention of Arachnos is to humiliate them.

  • Leave

Unnecessary Solicitation

You are back so soon, brother / sister. Are you prepared to join our order?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: V_Arachnos_30_Layout_03_01

All you have to do is get Arachnos's attention. Considering what you're capable of, that shouldn't be difficult at all.

  • Provoke Aeon's Lieutenants
    • Steal the Arachnos weapon prototype
    • Ensure Arachnos knows what you did.

You have provoked Arachnos, and set a time for them to 'ambush' you.


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

You stole the XF-9 Carbon Inverter. You have no idea what it does, but it looks VERY expensive.

Contact Small Security Terminal (Equipment).jpg
Security Terminal (Equipment)


It looks like this terminal has direct access to every security system in the base. If you want to spread word of your recent theft to Arachnos, now would be the time to do it.

  • (Turn on the announcement intercom)

You turn on the intercom and cheerfully announce that you are in possession of the XF-9 Carbon Inverter. You name a time when Arachnos can meet with you in Aeon City Square if they want to purchase the prototype back from you. If that doesn't get Aeon's flunkies out in the open, nothing will.

  • (Leave)


Hammond smiles at you as you approach.

You have returned to me, brother / sister. Can I assume, then, that you have come seeking more of the Truth?

Part Two: Choosing Oneself


Hammond assumes a stuffy, condescending posture and begins pacing in front of you.

I believe it is time that I related to you the history of our order. When Martin Henri, the great prophet, was first visited by the spirit of his-

  • I'm sorry to interrupt, brother, but I have something important to show you.

Hammond stops short, and raises a curious eyebrow at you.

Do you now? I am intrigued, brother / sister. Please explain.

  • (Leave)

Unnecessary Solicitation

Hammond greets you with a patient, condescending smile.

Gathering the followers of the Truth takes time, brother / sister. Please have some patience.

Contact Small Brother Hammond.jpg
Brother Hammond


What do you have in mind, brother / sister?

  • I can show you, soon... can you gather together as many followers as possible?

If you believe it is necessary, then we can have tonight's sermon here, in the territory of the enemy.

Hammond's expression turns skeptical.

I do hope that whatever you plan on showing us is related to our struggle against Aeon. I would be displeased if we were wasting time on trivial matters.

  • Trust me, you'll like this. (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


Hammond has gathered his followers in Aeon City Square, and the area is swarming with Arachnos.
Time to show your stuff.

  • Fulfill the Luddite Prophecy
    • Speak with Brother Hammond
    • Defeat Mu'Renar
    • Defeat Operative Ellefson
    • Defeat Blood Widow Beatrice
    • Convince Brother Hammond that you are the Chosen One

You've convinced Brother Hammond and his followers that YOU are the Chosen One!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Brother Hammond.jpg
Brother Hammond


Alright, brother / sister Character. I have gathered our priory here, at your request. What is it that you wish us to see?

  • The forces of evil are here, brother. I plan to stand against them.


Operative Ellefson: My squads are in position. No one moves through Aeon City without me knowing about it.
Mu'Renar: Character must be made an example. No one can cross Arachnos in such a brazen manner, and live.
Blood Widow Beatrice: Don't worry. If he / she shows, we'll catch him / her. We came well-prepared.
Operative Ellefson: Fan out and search. Character has to be here somewhere.

Contact Small Brother Hammond.jpg
Brother Hammond


Brother Hammond looks at you quizzically.

Impressive, brother / sister, but I don't understand why you called us out here. Your abilities are potent indeed, but they cannot stop Aeon's madness alone. Granted, you were able to defeat three of his lieutenants, but...

Hammond trails off as realization dawns on his face. His jaw drops and he stares at you incredulously.

Three... three evils defeated...

  • Yes... ?

Hammond looks around him in awe, then turns back to you.

In the very heart of darkness. The center of the corruption! Here, Aeon City, the crowning achievement of the mad Dr. Aeon! I... I have a hard time believing this, brother / sister, but... but it all makes sense!

Risen from the shadows... how could I have been such a fool? Of course the Chosen One would be one of your, ah... questionable background. This... this is it! We are living in times long prophesied!

You, Character... great and humble brother / sister of our order... I believe you are the Chosen One.

Brother Hammond bows his head to you solemnly.

  • Fantastic deduction, brother. I'm glad you have seen the... 'truth'.


Hammond is still visibly shaken by his 'discovery'. As you approach, he doesn't seem sure how to respond to you. He eventually bows his head slightly, in a nervous display of reverence.

Exalted brother / sister. I am... honored to be in your presence. The seekers of Truth will follow you in your quest to defeat Aeon and his empire.

I... I have very high hopes for these days now, Character. It feels as though our purpose is coming to fruition at last.

Part Three: Brothers in Arms

Mission Briefing

I must present you to Martin Henri as soon as possible. I must tell him of what I have seen... of what you are, noble brother / sister.

When he learns that you are the Chosen One, we can begin a righteous campaign against Aeon and his terrible works of technology. We will reclaim 'Aeon City', and our brothers will finally be rewarded for their sacrifices.

  • And once I meet with Henri, he will grant me command of the Lud- er, of our order?

Hammond nods vigorously.

We follow the example of Martin Henri, but the prophecies are clear: when the Chosen One is revealed, she will lead us to glory and victory. You will take command of our order and strike at the heart of the enemy.

Come, we must not waste time. I will show you where Martin Henri currently resides. Meet me there, so that I may watch history unfold before my very eyes.

Meet with Martin Henri

Unnecessary Solicitation

Please, do not tarry! The hour of prophecy is upon us, brother / sister. We must not keep destiny waiting!

Mission Objective(s)


Hammond This is where Martin Henri lives? You're almost starting to feel bad for the Luddites.

  • Meet with Martin Henri
    • Speak with Martin Henri
    • Leave Martin Henri's cave

You have convinced the Luddites to attack Aeon City's power grid. Now to take advantage of the situation...


  • None

Notable NPCs


This man moves and talks differently than most of the Luddites, and the others seem to hang on his every word and action. Clearly, this must be the man you are looking for: Martin Henri. His eerie, crazed stare falls upon you as you approach.

Ah, so this is the newest member of our order, the one that so many have been telling me about. I am intrigued, brother / sister. I have heard grand claims about you.

  • They are true, brother Henri, as brother Hammond has seen with his own eyes.
Contact Small Brother Hammond.jpg
Brother Hammond


Hammond takes your cue, and speaks with Martin Henri directly.

It is true, brother! He / She has fulfilled every tenet of the prophecy of the Chosen One!

Before my very eyes, he / she stood in Aeon City, and felled three of Aeon's most trusted lieutenants.

As the texts say, 'The Chosen One will enter the center of the corruption, the very heart of the darkness, and there he / she will face three great evils. With the might of the Truth, he / she shall strike down the corrupt, and will arise as the champion of the righteous.'

The prophecy is being fulfilled, as we speak! Our time has come!

  • So you see, it is time for me to assume command.

Martin Henri strokes his beard in thought. After a moment, he nods solemnly.

From what you say, it does seem that the prophecies have come to pass. You have brought us hope in a time of despair, brother / sister. If now is truly the time of the Chosen One, then our order shall soon usher in a new era, free from the demons of technology.

So, honored brother / sister... Chosen One... what would you have us do?

Now is your chance to take advantage of your newfound minions. From what you know of the Luddites, they are stubborn and only mildly competent... but even so, you can think of a use for them.

  • We should strike at Aeon's power grid. That is the first step to toppling him.

Martin Henri nods appreciatively, still stroking his beard.

If we can cripple his power lines, then all of his vaunted technology will crumble away. It is a simple plan, but it could prove effective.

You write down coordinates for the Luddites to attack - a section of the power grid conveniently close to the Cap au Diable's largest and highest-security bank vault. Brother Hammond graciously accepts the coordinates and begins rallying his fellow Luddites for the attack.

  • I'm afraid I won't be joining you. I have... other things to attend to.

Rob the Cap au Diable Bank

Unnecessary Solicitation

The assault is underway! Praise to you, Chosen One!

Mission Objective(s)


As expected, the security systems here have all been disabled.
If you work quickly, you can get in, get the loot, and get out before someone manages to fix the problem.

  • Rob the Cap au Diable Bank
    • Rob the bank while the security systems are down!
    • Escape with the loot!

You took advantage of the Luddites' attack and staged a heist on the Cap au Diable bank!


Notable NPCs

  • None
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Grabbing the loot will cause 3 waves of Cap au Diable Demons to attack.
Gremlin: Freedom!
Gremlin: We waken!
Gremlin: Parasites! Die!


Hammond is smiling broadly. When he sees you, he waves gleefully and beckons you closer.

It is done! Oh, I thought this day would never come. The day of prophecy, the moment of our foretold victory!

Praise be to you, Chosen One! You are the light that drives away the darkness!

Part Four: Traitor by Trade


Finally, the empire of Aeon has crumbled! Their blessed technology is useless to them, and all of Aeon City has been plunged into darkness! Praise be to-

  • Whoa, hold on. All of Aeon City?

Yes! Inspired by your leadership, our brothers have gone to the very heart of the corruption! Martin Henri himself leads them now, to assault the PTS and end Aeon's reign of technological tyranny!

Rejoice, brother / sister, for today, we shall save the troubled peoples of this place from the corruption that surrounds them!

  • Leave
Investigate the Luddite Attack

Unnecessary Solicitation

The prophesied time has come to pass!

Contact Small Brother Hammond.jpg
Brother Hammond


What's wrong, brother / sister? You seem displeased. Are you not proud of the progress we have achieved? Progress that you, the Chosen One, have made possible?

  • ...Sure. Proud. You said that Martin Henri's attacking the PTS right now?

Yes indeed! Brother Henri was so inspired by your bold course, attacking the very veins through which the corruption is spread, that he ordered the entire city be freed. The paltry defenses that Aeon has installed at the power station will be no match for-

Hammond is cut off mid-sentence as the entire city goes dark. Hammond flashes you a knowing smile.

I must spread the good news to our brothers, elsewhere in the city. Rejoice, brother / sister, for today we are victorious!

  • This can't be happening... (Start Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


This cannot be good.

  • Investigate the Luddite Attack
    • Fend off the incoming demons!
    • Talk to Dr. Aeon
    • Board Dr. Aeon's flier
    • Enter the PTS building
    • Stop Martin Henri!

At Dr. Aeon's request, you defeated Martin Henri and drove the Luddites out of the PTS.


V badge DemonDefeatBadge.png Cap au Diable Demons
V badge BatZul.png Bat'Zul
V badge NoPipes.png Luddites

Notable NPCs

Balloon.png Luddite Brawler: Brother / Sister! We've done it!

Luddite Brawler: All technology is powerless before us! We can finally-
Luddite Brawler: Augh!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! 2 waves of Cap au Diable Demons will attack on entry followed by one wave of Bat'Zul minions

After Defeating the First Wave of Cap au Diable Demons

After Defeating the Second Wave of Cap au Diable Demons

Upon Defeating the Bat'Zul minions


Dr. Aeon is in the middle of what looks like a furious, barely-controlled tantrum. When you approach, he glares at you from under his goggles, teeth clenched tight.

Do you have ANY idea what you have done? You have sabotaged my city, subjected the area to demonic rampages, and worst of all, you have humiliated me in the eyes of Lord Recluse. And all for some petty cash ?

I should KILL you for this!

  • So far, all I'm hearing is talk, Aeon.

An angry red vein protrudes from Aeon's forehead. He slowly raises his arm and presses a button on the chestpiece of his powered armor. An automated voice begins emitting from small speakers built into the armor:


As you can see, I'm in a bit of a bind. Charging my suit would be no problem, but SOMEONE gathered a bunch of filthy rubes and assaulted my POWER STATION!

  • That sounds like quite the predicament.

Aeon scowls at you.

Yes. Quite.

So, you see, I am currently unable to handle the Luddite problem directly. I find myself in need of someone... capable... to handle the problem for me.

  • For the right price, I could be that someone.

You... you want me to pay you... to clean up your own mess? Of all the...

Dr. Aeon chokes on his own rage for a moment, before recovering enough to be coherent again.

...Alright, Character. You... have yourself a deal. Even though by all rights I should be rearranging your skeletal system right now, I will... hire you... to stop the Luddites and reactivate the Power Transfer System.

Board my flier. It will take you to the appropriate location. Now get out of my sight.

  • Pleasure doing business with you.


Glad to see you here, Character. The Luddites have entrenched themselves pretty deep, and have managed to repel most of our incursions thus far. Their rank-and-file don't seem to be very coordinated or disciplined, but their leader has exhibited powers on a scale that our operatives can't match.

Dr. Aeon has asked that I support you in this mission. I'll be joining you in the PTS.

  • Glad to have the help.
(Marshal Brass will accompany you)
  • That won't be necessary, Marshal. I prefer to work alone.
As you wish. Good luck in there, Character.

Confront Brother Hammond
Contact Small Brother Hammond.jpg
Brother Hammond


Hammond greets you with an ominous glare.

I have nothing to say to you, traitor. You may have seduced my faith with your false words, but I am not fool enough to allow you to do it again.

  • It was *your* prophecy, Hammond. I just took an opportunity where I saw one.
Your petty 'opportunity' has cost the people of this island dearly. With Aeon's technology back in power, the citizens are once more enthralled.
Hammond glowers at you.
It is clear to me that the forces working against us are too powerful for our order to confront directly. With Brother Henri missing, it falls to me to guide our order down a new path.
The prophecies are true, Character, and the consequences of inaction would be dire indeed. As our order evolves, perhaps one day you will see the value in our quest. I hope, for your sake, that you do.
  • Please, save your sanctimony. I'm leaving.
  • Are you serious? You realize you've been helping a *demon*, right?
Brother Henri may have acted erratically in the moments before his disappearance, but I can assure you that our order is free of such influence. The might of our order is clearly not enough to compete with its foes... for now. It is my intention to change this.
Our order will be made anew, Character. We shall grow stronger, and once we have gathered our might, we will sweep across the world and spread the Truth. Our cries will echo across nations, and when our armies descend to rid the world of demonic filth shrouded as 'progress', our foes will tremble in fear.
Hammond stares at you, wide-eyed. For an instant, he looks more like Martin Henri than the mild-mannered Luddite you've come to expect.
When we have changed, Character, pray that we do not meet again. Your penance will not be pleasant.
  • Yes, well, good luck with all that.


Completion of this mission awards the False Prophet badge.

File:Badge i22 mission cad falseprophet.png False Prophet

You're not above using others' beliefs to your own advantage, especially when they're as gullible as the Luddites.