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Mission:Tip - Dragon Embossed Journal

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Tip Mission
Type Alignment
Place Paragon City
Available to Heroes and Vigilantes
Level range 20–29
Choice Hero or Vigilante
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Dragon Embossed Journal


You find a large journal with various images of a dragon decorating the front of it. Curious, you open the book, reading through it. The last entry, of course, is the most interesting...

'Tonight I will follow my suspicions about Crey Industries and their recent interest in the magical arts. Due to some shield they have in place, I'll need to embed myself within their lab in order to astrally travel undetected. Loathe as I am to do it, I must use the forbidden artifacts to empower my journey. I pray this is not a trap, but I must know what they are doing. I suspect they have hired the Sky Raiders to guard it, meaning I should be able to easily get by them - I do not believe they have a keen understanding of magic.

- Sky Dragon'

Sky Dragon hasn't been seen in the city for days, and from what you've heard many of the superheroes in the city are becoming concerned. Written on the note is the address of the location he may have been investigating. If something happened to his artifacts, he may be in serious danger at this very moment.

However, further investigating Crey's interest in magical items might be more important than saving Sky Dragon - after all, he was only investigating one of many Crey labs. Someone needs to still follow the trail while it's still warm!

Hero Acceptance

Hero Acceptance

Sky Dragon has helped protect the people of Paragon City for quite a while now. A bit of a lone wolf, he will go off on his own at times without accepting the help of other superheroes. In the past this has caused a problem when his artifacts were taken from him and used by Silent Blade. However, he has kept them hidden away ever since so they don't fall into the wrong hands ever again. With his disturbing disappearance as of late, it seems he may be in great danger. If the Amulet, Ring, and Gauntlet have been taken from him, it may have trapped him in a world between worlds. It's up to you to help this defender of justice and free him from his unfortunate trapped state. Go to the address and save Sky Dragon!

Help save Sky Dragon from a horrible fate!

According to the scribbles on his note, Sky Dragon has employed the use of the Amulet of Kordoros, the Ring of Asgamaeon, and the Gauntlet of Dizelleno. You may need to search for them if he is trapped in a comatose state. Once you've found them, Sky Dragon may be very weak due to not having eaten for days. You may need to help him to safety, as well.

Mission Objective(s)

Your fears have been realized. It sounds as if there is a search for Sky Dragon in full effect. Find those artifacts quickly!

  • Rescue Sky Dragon!
    • Find the Amulet of Kordoros!, Find the Ring of Asgaemon!, Find the Gauntlet of Dizelleno!

The heroes of Paragon breath a sigh of relief, knowing that Sky Dragon is safe and sound - even if his reputation was somewhat hurt because of how overly cautious he was with Crey.


Missing Sky Dragon dialog upon mission completion

Notable NPCs


Missing Debriefing

Vigilante Acceptance

Vigilante Acceptance

Sky Dragon may mean well deep down inside, but he's reckless in his actions. He's caused more harm than good due to his inability to control his powers. But you'll succeed where he failed. You're going to try to dig up some more information related to what exactly Crey is up to with these artifacts, then swoop in to stop whatever they're up to.

Sky Dragon's problem was that he was too afraid to use his full power when it was needed - a problem that you don't suffer from.

Find out what Crey is up to!

You discover that Crey has been in negotiations with the Banished Pantheon, hoping to somehow combine the magic that the Pantheon uses with their own technology!

Of course the Pantheon was all too willing to enter into this deal - any more suffering caused by their magic will bring them that much closer to reviving their god, Lughebu.

You found the location where Crey is sending their team of Sky Raiders to make the next big deal.

Which is exactly where you'll be to stop all of this.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Sky Dragon is an adult - he can save himself.

Mission Objective(s)

You hear the sounds of jetpacks mixed with magical sparks filling the air. An...interesting combination, that's for sure. Time to take down the heads of these negotiations!

  • Stop Crey's Negotiations!
    • Defeat the Negotiators!

You've stopped the deals between Crey and the Banished Pantheon!


Icon clue generic.png
Flashing Images
As you defeated one of the Banished Pantheon, your senses are assaulted by a series of images.

You see a man in civil war garb, fighting what appear to be shamans of the pantheon in a swamp.

You next see the man being dragged into some dark cavern by those shamans.

The images end with the man's skeletal hand shooting out from the ground.


Crey's dealings with the Banished Pantheon have been halted, for the moment. You discovered on one of the negotiators that this was to be the 'big deal' that would bring in several powerful artifacts for Crey.

A job well done, though from what you've heard, Sky Dragon is still no where to be found...