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Mission:The Shining Stars - With Friends Like These: What the Future Holds

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What the Future Holds


Here's the deal, kiddo: I think I may know how the Praetorians have been getting in. It's not much more than a hunch, but if I'm right I can end this, right now. I've been talking with some old colleagues of mine, and they provided me with... well, it was highly interesting. I don't really have time to go into it now, though.

I'm going to head back to base, and see if I can find the lynchpin to this case.

  • What do you want me to do?

You hang tight, kiddo. This... this is something I need to do solo.

I'm sorry, Character. I know you want to help, and you've put as much work into this case as anyone, but what's happening here... it's way over our heads. It's the sort of thing that I can't involve you in.

Try to understand, kiddo. I'll talk to you later...

Twinshot pauses, staring at nothing for a moment.

...I think.

Speak with Grym

Unnecessary Solicitation

What's up, kiddo? Did you need something before I head out?


Character. You return as promised. Is the time to strike upon us?

  • She's heading to base now. I think it's the best shot we have.

Agreed. I will summon the rest of the team, and we will meet you there. If Twinshot has truly betrayed us, then we should all be present for her downfall.

It is... regrettable that we must do this. To strike down one's commander, even for a just cause... it is shameful.

  • I don't feel any better about it than you do, Grym.

Then you are a man / woman of honor, Character.

Now, let us depart. We must make haste, if we are to corner our former companion.

  • Alright. I'll see you there.

Confront Twinshot in the Shining Stars' Base!

Unnecessary Solicitation

What's up, kiddo? Did you need something before I head out?

Mission Objective(s)


You enter to find alarms ringing everywhere. The base is under attack!

  • Confront Twinshot in the Shining Stars' Base!
    • Rescue Flambeaux
    • Rescue Dillo
    • Rescue Grym
    • Push through to the portal room
    • Defeat Proton and the Praetorians
    • Speak to Proton


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork

Notable NPCs


You... you don't know what you've done, Character.

You may think you've done a good thing today. You may even believe that for the rest of your life. But you will be wrong.

  • You're confused, Proton. You need help.

I do NOT need- bah! It's pointless to even try at this point.

I'll never understand why you can live in a world where the supernatural is commonplace, where time travel has been documented, and still you refuse to believe that I could come from a different time.

You seemed smarter than that, Character.

  • Proton, these people were from another dimension - Praetoria. That's a fact.

I... I don't know what you're...

Proton trails off, staring at nothing. After a moment, he looks up at you.

Character, I don't understand. I had a life there, I have memories - I remember meeting Maelstrom when I was a teenager. What you're telling me... it's like you're trying to convince me that I'm not me.

  • You may not be, Proton. I think they did something to you... something to your head.

Proton frowns. He stares at the floor, lost in thought.

You're telling me... that everything I know is a lie? That my every memory was planted?

That... that I almost killed thousands of people... for nothing?

  • You can't blame yourself. The Praetorians did this to you.

Proton remains silent. It's clear he has a lot to think about.

  • I'm sorry, Proton. We're going to get you some help. I promise.

Talk with Twinshot About What Happened

Unnecessary Solicitation

Come talk to me in person, kiddo. There's a lot to unload, and you deserve it face-to-face.


Hey, kiddo. That was pretty rough in there. How you holding up?

  • Could be worse. How's Proton?

He's... he's not doing so hot, kiddo. Manticore said they could get him some help, maybe have someone go over his memories. Try to tease out the fake from the real. I'm holding out hope for the guy.

Twinshot stares at you dead-on.

Grym told me what you two had planned. Bold action, kiddo.

  • I'm sorry, Twinshot. Under the circumstances...

I know, I know. I've been so shady with you guys lately, I must have seemed more suspicious than a Sky Raider in drag. I don't blame you, really.

Twinshot smirks at you.

Stings a little, but I don't blame you.

  • So what happens now?

I think the Shining Stars are on temporary hiatus, kiddo. Manticore's basically put a hold on any Hero work I do until he can make sense of my past. He doesn't really like the fact that I used to be chummy with Eddie. The Phalanx doesn't like Praetoria one bit, let me tell you.

Still, even though Proton and I are out of the picture, you're pretty much in the clear. No reason for you to stop fighting the good fight, you know?

Twinshot flashes you her trademark grin.

I think you'll go far, kiddo. I really do.

  • Thanks, Twinshot. I'll see you around.


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the Supernova Badge

File:Badge OGTH3.png Supernova

The Shining Stars have stopped a Praetorian plot to destroy Paragon, but at great cost.