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Mission:Detective - Protect Peregrine Island bank

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Protect Peregrine Island bank

While listening for the latest signs of trouble, you hear a call asking for heroes to speak with Contact directly. Something big is happening.


The Carnival of Shadows is at it again! This time, they're rampaging through Peregrine Island. Looting, arson, you name it, they're pulling it. Sources say that this is just a distraction from a main objective though, a bank heist, being led by one of Arachnos' elite troops on loan by order of Lord Recluse himself. Be prepared, you may need back-up on this mission. Arachnos troops have been spotted at the bank, so you should head over there right now. You probably have about 5 minutes or less before they make their escape.

This is a Safeguard mission. Once you prevent the heist, you will have 15 minutes to explore the area and potentially earn extra rewards before the P.P.D. lock down the area. You can earn extra time by defeating vandals and completing side missions.

Mission Acceptance

It looks like the Carnies had everything planned out except for one element: Malta Group Operatives have come out of nowhere to take the streets. I'm concerned that they're hunting any heroes who try to respond. Stop the Carnies and Malta as much as you can, and the streets will be safe once again.

Periodically, vandals will arrive to destroy parts of the city. You will see a message when they arrive, and their locations will be displayed in your minimap.

Mission Refusal

What?! I understand, Character. You no doubt have some very important things to do. We'll do our best to stop them, but it doesn't look good.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Go protect Peregrine Island!

Mission Objective(s)

Your priorities are simple, but not easy: Stop the Carnival's rampages and prevent their destructive schemes, and clear the streets of the Malta. Even with this information, you still feel that someone else is involved.

  • Protect Peregrine Island bank

You saved Peregrine Island!

Primary Enemies

Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows
Badge villain malta.png Malta Operatives
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Possible Villains

Side Missions

Keys for side missions can be found by defeating Carnival of Shadows groups.

Prevent Arson

Icon clue generic.png
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Carnies were going to set in a nearby building. Stop the arson attempt by defusing the bombs!

Prevent Bombing

Icon clue generic.png
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Carnies were planting underneath the city. Find and defuse the rest of them!!

Prevent Jailbreak

Icon clue generic.png
Wanted poster
A wanted poster of Silent Blade


Icon clue generic.png
Wanted poster
A wanted poster of Fallen from Grace


Icon clue generic.png
Wanted poster
A wanted poster of Critical Mass

Prevent Vault Break-In

Icon clue generic.png
Pawn Shop Sale Ad
A newspaper clipping of a major blowout sale at a local pawn shop.

Prevent Weapons Deal

Icon clue generic.png
Cargo Manifest
A cargo manifest that details a shady arms shipment and where it is stored.

Exploration Badge

Heroes can earn the Gatekeeper Badge during this mission. Its coordinates are (-635, 0, -2868).

File:Badge tourist 01.png Gatekeeper

The whimsical Gamester placed several presents all throughout Peregrine Island during the holidays. This block had a few of them.

Temporary Power

Upon successful completion of this mission for the first time, a hero will earn the Regeneration Increase temporary power.

Temporary Mayhem SelfHeal.png Regeneration Increase Self Auto: +Regeneration
Your regeneration rate while not in combat is increased slightly. This effect lasts for 2 days of gameplay.


Excellent work, Character! You have prevented the villains from causing mayhem in Peregrine Island!

Mission Failure

You did your best, I guess this task was just too much for you.