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Misery is an Elite Boss enemy from Arachnos. He has been sent by Lord Recluse to test the loyalty of villains helping to overthrow President Marchand.

Villains can find him on the Prove your Dedication mission during the Mender Tesseract Strike Force.


Orb Weavers created the Disruptor arachnobots to capture their prey alive.


From the second mission of the Mender Tesseract Strike Force:

The trial room.

Combat start: "Bzzt: Scanning for Targetname: Character. Bzzzzzt: Target Acquired."
At 75% Life: "Ch ch ch! Breeeeep! Systems: Functional."
At 50% Life: "Bzzt. Bzzzzt. Serious damage sustained."
At 25% Life: "Bzzt. Clean-up procedures initiating. Bzzzt."
Defeated: "Bzzzzzzzzzzzz.. System disarmed. Alert: Activated. Reinforcements: Incoming"
Defeats a villain: "Bzzzt. Target eliminated. Recluse notified."

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