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Letter from Arakhn

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From the Story Arc "The Nictus Alliance" given by Shadowstar or Sunstorm.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

Letter from Arakhn

You've kept the hard copy of a letter from Arakhn to Requiem, ordering him to kill his oldest friends. It's a chilling reminder of the time you helped expose:

The Nictus Alliance

It began with an infiltration mission. Although you already knew Requiem and Arakhn were working together, you had no hard evidence. You needed to find something concrete, so you could expose their alliance to the world. You found a list of their assets, but it was well-encrypted.

On a search for the decryption key, you entered another of Requiem's bases. You didn't find the key, but you did find a note from a potential Council defector. He seemed willing to help you tear the Nictus alliance apart.

You went to meet the defector, Adjutant Lanney, but you were too late to save him from his Council brethren. Fortunately, Lanney had the forethought to leave you a note. It explained that he had decided to betray the Council to save the life of Lillian Issan, a bold reporter who had tried to dig too deeply into the Council's affairs. You were appalled. In addition to being a reporter, Lillian also happened to be Shadowstar's daughter!

You went at once to the lab where Lillian was being held, only to discover that she had already been moved. Luckily, she too had left you a message. She had uncovered the Council's latest decryption key, and had left it for you to find. With the key in hand, you were able to translate the entire list of Requiem and Arakhn's assets, which was quite lengthy and detailed.

You were ready to expose the information, but there was one step left. The list revealed one of Requiem's front companies was being used to store various personal documents, including records of his dealings with Arakhn. If you could get your hands on that information, you could unravel many twisted Nictus plots, including, perhaps, the kidnapping of Lillian Issan. You journeyed to the company and found Requiem's troops locked in battle with the loyal servants of the Center. You recovered several incriminating documents, but, alas, Lillian was nowhere to be found. She was in the Center's hands!

The Center had no intention of allowing his failure to control his minions to become public knowledge. He had kidnapped Lillian away from Requiem's men, with the intention of killing her unless you returned all the evidence you had uncovered.

You had no choice but to infiltrate the Center's base and extract Lillian Issan, for you could not make a deal with someone as untrustworthy as the Center. Now, Lillian is safely home with her mother, Shadowstar. The Center is licking his wounds. And Arakhn and Requiem are gearing up for the biggest showdown the Council has seen in quite some time.

When this hits, it's going to be big. You were strongly encouraged to increase your own power to match the threats you'll soon face, and were encouraged to return with you'd been tested at around Stature Level 40.

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