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Latin Student

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Latin Student


Latin Student is an NPC in the Gimry Ridge neighborhood of Steel Canyon. He guards the door to the Midnighter Club, allowing access only to those heroes who say the correct password, given to them in the Enter the Midnighter Club mission from Montague Castanella. His coordinates are (2628, -68, 2029).


Enter the Midnighter Club

Enter the Midnighter Club dialogue:

Latin Student: You know, I've been trying to work on my Latin. I'm really truly horrible with it. Perhaps you could help me. How is your Latin?

  • Excello.

Latin Student: Which phrase calls out to you?

  • Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati
Latin Student: Ah, well. Perhaps I'm not the only one who has problems with Latin. Would you like to try again?
  • Try again.
  • Alea jacta est
Latin Student: Ah, well. Perhaps I'm not the only one who has problems with Latin. Would you like to try again?
  • Try again.
  • Si vis pacem, para bellum
Latin Student: Well met, Midnighter. It is true that if one seeks to bring peace, one must also prepare for war.
Please enter the club through the door behind me.
We have much to discuss. You should read over this briefing on the club. It should help get you up to speed on what we're currently working on.

Answering correctly gives access to the Midnighter Club, which has no level restrictions; through the Midnighter Club is Cimerora, which has a level 35 minimum entry. Additionally, answering correctly grants the Midnight Squad Badge.

File:Badge midnightsquadmember.png Midnight Squad

You have proven yourself a worthy ally to the secretive order of mystics, magicians and scholars known as the Midnight Squad. Because of this, they have granted you access to their exclusive Midnighter Club.

When Clicked

He will respond with the following when clicked on:

  • Hey, Character. Can't talk right now. I've got a paper to write.

Random Chatter

He will randomly say the following as heroes walk by or stand near:

  • Ab origine...
  • Terra incognita.
  • Sapere aude.
  • Fortes fortuna juvat
  • Abutebaris modo subjunctivo denuo...
  • A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi.



  • I excel. / I win. / I'm happy.

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati

  • Pseudo Latin for "When all else fails, play dead." It's not how that phrase would be really translated into Latin except by Latin students playing very loosely with the language since 'flunkus' is not a Latin word.

Alea jacta est

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Ab origine...

  • From the beginning (often used in Latin classes to mean start again from the beginning, similar to 'from the top.')

Terra incognita.

  • Unknown territory. (Often seen on maps over uncharted or unexplored lands.)

Sapere aude.

  • Have the courage to think.

Fortes fortuna juvat

  • Fortune aids the bold.

Abutebaris modo subjunctivo denuo...

  • You've been misusing the subjunctive case again.

A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi.

  • A cliff in front and wolves behind. (That is to say, trapped.)