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Golden Hubcap

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From the Story Arc "High-Tech Gold" given by Golden Roller.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

Golden Hubcap

This is a golden hubcap given to you by Golden Roller after you helped him and the Goldbrickers steal some new tech from Crey in a tale called:

High-Tech Gold

The word on the street was that Crey has been developing some new technology that Dr. Aeon has been helping with. The Goldbrickers wanted a piece of that action, so they needed to snatch one of the Crey scientists on the project. You broke into one of Dr. Aeon's labs where the Crey scientist known as Dr. Cambrian was visiting and kidnapped him, bringing him back to Golden Roller for interrogation.

The scientist revealed that a Crey laboratory in Paragon City was developing a new type of micro-circuitry that could be used in clothes and light armor. The Goldbrickers were very interested in getting ahold of this technology, and so commissioned you to secure transport to the mainland by clearing out a cargo ship infested by Lost.

Taking the transport to Paragon City, you made your way to the Crey building in Kings Row. Breaking into the facilities, you managed to secure the encrypted research data and the decryption device.

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