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Game Manager

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Game Managers are employees of NCsoft operating on specially flagged accounts that allow them a variety of features to help players deal with bugs, griefers, and other random difficulties that impede normal game play. As they are specially designated authorities, they should be obeyed at all time when one is run across or contacts a player.

Identifying a GM

The easiest way to tell that a person is a GM is that their name will always start with "GM_". This is very important as the _ is only available to GMs and Developers. This naming system holds true for both their character names, as well as their global. Characters who do not posses an _ are most often players who have decided to violate their EULA and run the risk of account suspension.

Another good indicator is that more often then not, a GM will appear as a Police Drone or Arbiter Drone, based on which side of the game they're making their appearance.

Tells sent from GMs are also of a different color (regular tells are yellow; tells from GMs are a light blue color by default).

Known Abilites

  • Ability to become objects/NPC (adopting most or all traits)
  • Perfect invisibility
  • Automatically becoming a Global Channel Admin
  • Invincibility
  • Ability to teleport to any character based on their name, unique NPC name, or location marker
  • Ability to auto-complete missions on behalf of players (given a contact and a mission name, the GM can 'drop' the mission for a player in the same way the three-day drop-mission feature works)