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  1. End User License Agreement: a legal contract between the manufacturer and/or the author and the end user of an application which details how the software can and cannot be used and defines any restrictions imposed by manufacturer.

Legal Details

The City of Heroes business model has been publicly stated as being a paid subscription granting access to the game servers[Citation needed]. Since no purchase is required for the acquisition or use of the game client software, the User Agreement that the user is prompted with can only apply to the use of the service itself. For this reason, the City of Heroes User Agreement is not a EULA, but a documentation of terms of service and code of conduct.

While the User Agreement does not legally restrict what a user is allowed to do with the game client software and no criminal prosecutions will be pursued for any violations thereof, NCsoft does retain the right to terminate a user's account with them at any time for any reason, with or without notice.

Historical Revisions

Listed below are links to the City of Heroes EULA at various points throughout the game's history. Most were retrieved from the different installation discs that were available.

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