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Freem Fifteen

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The phrase Freem Fifteen refers to the fifteen developers that were left working on CoH/V after Cryptic reduced the team by ~75% in 2006.

Here is the list of fifteen compiled by Positron [1]:

  1. Positron (Lead Designer)
  2. BAB (Animations & FX artist)
  3. Castle (Powers)
  4. Ghost Widow
  5. War Witch (Zone creation)
  6. Constellation replaced by Hero 1 (story bible)
  7. JLove (Costumes)
  8. Ken Morse (Art Lead)
  9. Nick replaced by Don Pham (Environmental/3D artist)
  10. Brett replaced by Graham
  11. Blue Steel (design support)
  12. Serdar Copur replaced by Mynx (Producer)
  13. Richard (AP/Build Engineer)
  14. Aaron (Lead programmer)
  15. Garth (who moved over to Core Tech before the acquisition)


The term Freem comes from the 2008 April Fools Day joke picture depicting "Freem" for a visual sound.

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