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Captain Sherman

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Captain Sherman


Captain Sherman is a Captain of the Nemesis Army who attempts to defect after learning the secret of Nemesis' involvement in the Rikti War.

Heroes can find him during the Bring in Nemesis Defector mission from The Dark Watcher.


The disgraced granson of a general on an Earth where the South had won the American Civil War, Captain Sherman joined the Nemesis Army out of pure desperation after Nemesis conquered his world. He was a loyal soldier for many years, but has recently begun to question the Prussian Prince of Automatons' grand plan after learning some disturbing secrets.


Sherman's trial

Nemesis Army Soldier:

The crime is treason against the Nemesis Army, and slander against the good name of Lord Nemesis himself!

Captain Sherman:

Good name?
You have no idea how ridiculous you sound.

Nemesis Army Soldier:

Vile cur!
You'd dare besmirch the name of a loyal automaton of the Nemesis Army?

Captain Sherman:

If you knew even half of what I've learned...

Fake Nemesis:

And that is why you must be silenced.
The Sentence is death! To be carried out immediately!


AssaultWeapons SniperRifle.png Lance Rifle Sniper, Lethal/Fire, Area of Effect, Foe Knockdown
An extremely long range and very accurate weapon. Fires an explosive round that can knock down its target. The explosive round has a small area of effect.

AssaultWeapons ARM30grenade.png Lance (Melee, Lethal) Foe Disorient
You are Disoriented.

FireTrap Bonfire.png Explode Explode
Damages all foes nearby.