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Boost Kit

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The Boost Kit is a special bundle of items on the Paragon Market for helping the levelling of new characters in City of Heroes Freedom. It contains several buffs, boosts, and powers that normally must be purchased separately. It was available on the Paragon Market from July 10, 2012, to July 16, 2012, for 395 Paragon Points. If purchasing all of the pieces separately, they would cost 1560pp total.

The ultimate kit for leveling a new character! Gain XP faster, fly at level 1, increase damage & survivability, and even rez yourself from defeat.


ParagonMarket XPBooster3.png XP Booster (x2) +25% XP for one hour (6 charges)
ParagonMarket Power 30DayJetPack.png LKT-1700 Rocket Pack Temporary travel power that lasts 30 real days
ParagonMarket TempPower Revival5.png Revival Resurrect-self power (5 charges)
ParagonMarket AmplifierOffense1.png Offense Amplifier Increase damage, tohit, and recharge for 1 hour. (2 charges)
ParagonMarket AmplifierDefense1.png Defense Amplifier Increase defense, damage resistance, and protection from most mez for 1 hour. (2 charges)
ParagonMarket AmplifierSurvival1.png Survival Amplifier Increase max hitpoints, recovery, and regeneration for 1 hour. (2 charges)
ParagonMarket TempPower WarwolfWhistle.png Warwolf Whistle 5 charges of Warwolf Whistle, boss pet summon.

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