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Warwolf Whistle

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ParagonMarket TempPower WarwolfWhistle.png
The Warwolf Whistle is a temporary power available on the Paragon Market. It summons a Warwolf pet to fight at your side. Up to five wolves may be summoned, one at a time.

Paragon Market Description

When you need to tip the scales of battle or have your back against the wall, use this Warwolf Whistle and summon a Warwolf to fight by your side! Only one Warwolf can be summoned at a time, and like Mastermind Pets, it will follow your character through doors, out of a zone and mission map. Note: If your character is defeated, then the Warwolf pet will despawn. Can not be summoned during Incarnate Trials. This Temporary Power has 5 charges.

Power Description

Stephanie Peebles has granted you the ability to call forth a mighty Warwolf to fight at your side.

Power Summary

Temporary WarWolfWhistle.png

Duration 5 uses
Effects Summon Warwolf Boss

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