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Offense Amplifier

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This potent Offense Amplifier has increased your damage, chance to hit and recharge. Offensive Amplifier lasts for 1 in-game hour. While this power is active you cannot claim another Offensive Amplifier.

How to Get

This temporary power can be purchased on the Paragon Market. As of Issue 24, it can also be purchased on the Auction House as a craftable temporary power.

It is a Character Item, which can only be claimed once by one character on the account. It activates immediately upon claiming. Amplifiers persist through death, and cannot be activated while another of the same type is in use.

Power Summary

Duration 60 minutes
Effects +15% Damage, +10% ToHit, +15% Recharge while active

Paragon Market Information


  • +15% Damage, +10% To Hit, +15% Recharge, - Duration: 1 Hour, persists through defeat. The Offense Amplifier grants increased damage, chance to hit, and recharge for one hour of in-game time. NOTE: Activates upon claiming via in-game mail. Only affects the caster and does not affect any pets. Cannot be used in PVP zones. While this power is active you cannot claim another Offensive Amplifier.


Offense Amplifiers were introduced to the Market in durations lasting 1, 4, or 8 hours. They may sometimes be available in the Market at a discount, during sales. Please check the Paragon Market in-game for current pricing. When introduced, pricing was as follows:

  • Offense Amplifier Temporary Power (1 Hour) 80pp
  • Offense Amplifier Temporary Power (4 Hours) 240pp
  • Offense Amplifier Temporary Power (8 Hours) 320pp


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