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Aurora's Psychic Connection

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From Who Will Die: Episode 6: The Last Piece given by Protector Z-958.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40 to 50.

Souvenir's Text

Aurora's Psychic Connection

Every now and then, the Aurora Borealis that was trapped within Sister Psyche's mind sends you mental messages. She always reminds you of her gratefulness, perhaps to drive home the fact that she has no plans on betraying you. She'll be a valuable ally to have, but of course you're ready for her to turn on you on a moment's notice. It's the nature of things in the Rogue Isles. Her freedom was gained with the death of Sister Psyche in an event you call...

The Final Piece

Aurora reached out to you through a psychically sensitive Paragon Protector, begging for your assistance; Manticore and Sister Psyche discovered a ritual that could banish her once and for all. You agreed to help save Aurora and set off on a race to track down how exactly Manticore was planning on curing Sister Psyche.

You dealt with people such as Vanessa DeVore of the Carnival of Shadows and Akarist, both of whom gave you important pieces of the puzzle that was saving Aurora. In order to banish Aurora, Sister Psyche's psychic powers needed to be temporarily boosted. The Circle of Thorns had just such a ritual, used for empowering their mages who were performing intense summonings.

You rushed the temple, but you were too late. The ritual was started, but there was a complication. Wade tampered with the ritual, causing Psyche's powers to go out of control. Manticore was forced to kill Psyche, but not before she used her immense power to shove Aurora out of her mind and into safety.

You rescued Aurora from the crystal she was trapped in and helped her to take over the body of Tyrka.

With Sister Psyche dead, Darrin Wade now has everything he needs to summon Rularuu. However, he still has failed to kill you, something which you know bothers him to this very moment. You turning on Wade was never part of his plan, but then again, him turning on you wasn't exactly part of your plan, either. Soon, you will have a showdown with Wade, and he will know just how far you're willing to go to deliver payback to someone for thinking that merging with an omnipotent god entity is your idea of a good time.

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