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The Lady Grey Task Force (souvenir)

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From the Task Force "The Lady Grey Task Force" given by Lady Grey.


Penelope Yin has a way of getting herself into trouble. The Rikti kidnapped her and sought to use her immense psychic abilities like a battery to charge a portal home. You found her, suspended in the air, her 'gift' being drained out of her. But you weren't the only one who came to save her. The Clockwork King came to rescue his little clockwork princess and now YOU were the enemy.

The Rikti did not stop with Miss Yin's capture. Other psychics were taken and used to open a portal to the Rikti Homeworld. Four warriors came through before the portal closed. These Four Riders were ready to bring War, Famine, Pestilence and Death to our world.

Two members of the Omega Team have returned! Glacia and Infernia are once again reunited with friends and family. The reports they bring back from the other world are intriguing, to say the least. The fact that even some of the fifty man team is still alive over there, fighting the good fight, gives you a little more hope. If only they had news of the Omega Team's leader, Hero 1.

The Rikti will stop at nothing to establish a portal home, attempting to harness the hazardous power of the Hamidon as a means to tear a hole into their world. These beings truly are alien to us. However, it was Penelope Yin's vision that guided you there. You needed to not only stop the Rikti but to mirror their intent, harnessing the Hamidon to save the world... or die trying.

Under the Crash Site, two worlds clash. Hro'Dtohz, the Lord of War, rallied his troops for combat. His technicians prepared to bring forth a single individual: The Honoree. You were stunned to discover that the Honoree was in fact, Hero 1, leader of the Omega Team. He'd been corrupted by Rikti genetic manipulation and mental reconstruction on a level no human could resist. As you fought Honoree, you noticed his humanity desperately struggling to escape its Rikti prison. He succeeded, briefly, and in that moment pleaded for your help. He begged you to stop him to save the world. In the end, you granted his wish, but the victory proved a bitter taste in your mouth. Long ago, Hero 1 made the ultimate sacrifice to stop the first Rikti invasion. Thanks to you, his memory won't be tarnished by being a part of the second.

Today, you mourn a Hero.

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