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Your Blueprints

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From the Story Arc "Automatic Villainy" given by Technician Naylor.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

These detailed plans are the last trace of a plot by Nemesis to replace you with an automaton duplicate. It's an idea to fiendish, you wish you'd thought of it earlier. You remember it as:

Automatic Villainy

After the Mole Point Bravo incident, you were almost surprised that Arachnos kept funding more of Naylor's interdimensional expeditions. But they did, and he wanted your help with them. You took the job, and stepped through Naylor's portal to another dimension where the Devouring Earth were on the verge of wiping out all human life. Both Longbow and the Nemesis Army were there in force fighting the Devouring Earth, but strangely, the Nemesis Army never attacked you. They seemed almost glad you were there.

Based on the Nemesis Army's friendly stance toward you, Technician Naylor theorized that another version of you native to that dimension might have hired on with the Nemesis Army. To test this theory, you went to another hotspot in that dimension where the Nemesis Army was fighting the Devouring Earth. While there, you were helped by the Nemesis Army, and even managed to steal some of their deployment plans from udner their noses. It looked like you'd caught Nemesis in one of his own schemes!

You went in to steal more Nemesis Army secrets about a new type of imposter automaton. You found blueprints, telemetry, and even records of the capture of the person the new generation of imposter was supposed to impersonate. The only problem is, the Nemesis Army's new automaton is supposed to be impersonating you. According to their data, the imposter is already deployed, but would mistakenly think it's the original. Everything seems to point to the impossible fact that you're not really you, but a Nemesis Automaton with delusions of being real.

You know this can't be right, and Technician Naylor agrees. The report on your capture listed the personnel involved, and the deployment records you found earlier showed where some of them are now. You went after one, a Captain named Deckard, hoping to disprove the information you found. However, Captain Deckard not only repeated what you'd already learned, but said that the real you was still being kept alive to update your programming. Deckard also said that seeing the original would reboot you and bring you back into the fold. He even told you where to go to find the original. But that's impossible. Clearly, you're the original. Aren't you?

Aren't you?

It was time to find out the truth, either way. You stepped through the portal to the Nemesis base where, according to what you'd found, the real you was being kept. What you discovered, though, was that this had all been a Nemesis plot to draw you here! They did have an imposter in place, but it wasn't a duplicate of you, it was a duplicate of Technician Naylor! If their trap had worked, they would have substituted you for a duplicate and no one would ever have known. You rescued the real Naylor, but by the time you'd gotten him to safety, the imposter had fled through the portal.

With the real Technician Naylor's help, you tracked the imposter to the other side of the portal, where it was being picked up by the Nemesis Army. You trashed the machine. It wasn't much satisfaction, but it was something.

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