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Yin's market super-saver card

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From the Story Arc "'I lost my Daddy!'" given by Penelope Yin.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

Yin's market super-saver card

Before the Faultline Incident, Yin's Market sold groceries to citizen and hero alike, and many a hero with their base in Overbrook had one of these frequent customer cards. Now that Yin's Market has re-opened, it might be handy to keep your new Yin's Market card around. But Mr. Yin might never have been rescued if it wasn't for his daughter Penelope who told you:

'I lost my Daddy!'

It all began when Jim Temblor asked you to help out a friend of his, a girl named Penelope Yin. Penelope's father Wu Yin had run Yin's Market before the Faultline Incident, and now that the city was rebuilding, they'd returned to reopen. Unfortunately, the Lost had taken an interest in them, and tried to kidnap both Penelope and her father. Penelope had escaped due to the interference of some Clockwork, but her father was still in the clutches of the Lost. Penelope had been asking around, and learned that the famous hero historian Dr. Delilah Stein might have uncovered something, but was now cornered by the Vahzilok! You battle through the mad murderists to help Doc Delilah, who went to help Penelope. She also gave you some files she'd uncovered in an abandoned hero base revealing that Bill Temblor, the secret identity of the villain Faultline, had often helped heroes against villains with his scientific acumen. You took that information to Jim Temblor, who seemed able to confirm it, further muddying the waters of history.

Doc Delilah told Penelope that the Lost headman who had tried to kidnap her and her father was named 'Muxley.' You hit the streets for information, and were soon able to find where Muxley was hiding out. While Penelope's father wasn't there, Muxley did tell you where you might be able to find him. He also implied some things about Penelope and what the Lost were doing in Faultline, but wouldn't say more.

With Wu Yin's location, you assaulted a conclave of Lost leaders from all over the city, and got Mr. Yin to safety. Penelope was overjoyed at your success, and Mr. Yin soon re-opened Yin's Market again.

Though the incident ended on a happy note, there were still some questions left unanswered. What was the thing the Lost were looking for, and why did they think they'd need to control Penelope Yin once they'd found it? And the information Doc Delilah had discovered about Bill Temblor's heroic efforts to fight villainy conflicted with his actions in his secret identity as Faultline. If the answers lie in the ruins of the zone, perhaps the person to talk to is the adventuring amazon archaeologist, Doc Delilah.

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