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Will of the Earth

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Will of the Earth


Will of the Earth is an object that appears with Devouring Earth and ranks as a pet. The object is immobile and has no attack capabilities of its own, and is unable to regenerate hit points at all, but is able to summon Devouring Earth spawns to its defense. These beings will be summoned at the aggroing player's location in full groups. Such summoned beings may include both Minions and Lieutenants at least. Once defeated, these summoned beings wont't give the defeating players any xp nor Influence at all, yet they still will drop Salvage and Inspirations. The Will of the Earth is also able to heal any nearby Devouring Earth (PBAoE heal for 10% of the Will of the Earth's max HP, pulsing approximately every 7 seconds).

Heroes can find them in:

  • Prevent the Devouring Earth from releasing the Will of the Earth into the water system (5 crystals)
  • Destroy the Will of the Earth (3 crystals)

Both missions from Eliza Thorpe or Lorenzo Tate. (Levels 25-29)


This crystal contains the Will of the Earth, a mutagenic mold that could change all Paragon citizens if introduced into the water supply.