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Who Needs Enemies?

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From the Story Arc "Who Needs Enemies?" given by Luke Larson.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

Who Needs Enemies?

Sometimes when you walk the streets of Praetoria City at night you catch the reflection of two eyes watching you from the shadows. You recognize that it's just Tunnel Rat's way of saying hello. Her skittish nature and paranoia reminds you to be mindful of who you count as your allies. It's a lesson the Crusaders still haven't learned, because with friends like the Destroyers:

Who Needs Enemies?

It began when you met Luke Larson, a public official who secretly supports the Resistance movement, well, the Wardens at least. Larson was concerned that the extreme measures the Crusaders were willing to go was jeopardizing any chance for the Resistance to gain any following with the citizens of Praetoria. Proving his point he told you that one of his informants in the Resistance had uncovered a Crusader plot to join forces with the Destroyers. Larson wanted to know what these two violent groups were up to and so he sent you to crash one of their meetings. There you found a stockpile of high explosives that the Destroyers were getting ready to move to an even bigger gathering.

Together, you and Larson realized that so many explosives could only be used for one purpose: Large scale demolition, and downtown Imperial City was ripe with targets fitting the bill. You rushed to the meeting place, spotting dozens of Destroyer and Crusader teams arriving with tons of high explosives. It was there that you took down Paingod, the Destroyer Big Dog who at the time you thought was the running the show.

Learning that Yin Corp was the target for all this ordnance, you moved in and disabled the primary explosives and prevented a disaster of historical proportions.

Reporting back to Larson you learned that the Destroyers were not very happy with you editing them out of the history books. They turned on their Crusader allies for a little payback, and in the process caught Luke Larson's informant, Tunnel Rat.

The Destroyers hadn't forgotten about you though, and after a game of kiss the pavement on the streets of Imperial City you learned that Paingod was the man who'd kidnapped Tunnel Rat.

Unsure how long she could last getting roughed up by the Destroyers, you rushed to the rescue, busting into a Fixadine Den in Logos and delivering a second beat down to Paingod, who had falsely assumed he was prepared for your arrival. Just as you were about to get Tunnel Rat out of danger the PPD decided to show up and do their jobs for once. The look of gratitude and bewilderment on Tunnel Rat's face when you rescued her will stay with you forever. That day she learned just as valuable lesson as the Crusaders: With enemies like the Destroyers, we all need friends.

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