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Overspell of the Midnight Mansion
Zone Night Ward
Coordinates (1438, -531, -2517)
Level Range 30-39
Introduced By Montague Castanella
Introduces Sir Bedwyr
Enemy Groups V badge Arcana.png Animus Arcana
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance
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Ward is a Praetorian contact in Night Ward at coordinates (1438, -531, -2517).  His level range is 30-39. Ward is found in the main meeting chamber of the Midnighter Mansion.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Sir Bedwyr is a creature of honor. Clarity's memories show that he helped defend her and my other children from the Talons of Vengeance. Together they learned of the Talon attack on the Midnight Mansion and she abandoned his protection to come to my own. Let Bedwyr know that Clarity's sacrifice saved us all and that she died with honor, he will appreciate that.

A Black Knight sworn to protect the Eternal Prison, Sir Bedwyr is on a quest to uncover a great evil that threatens not only the Netherworld but the Black Knights themselves.


Overspell of the Midnight Mansion

Ward is the sentient Overspell that is in charge of managing all of the magical defenses of the Midnight Mansion in Night Ward. However, now the Animus Arcana, Ward's 'spell children', have abandoned both the Spellfather and their posts. Ward adheres to his loyalty to the Midnighters and the defense of the Mansion, but without the Animus Arcana how effective will he be in this endeavor?

Prior to Introduction

Augury suggests that there are no fate threads currently linking us. Good bye.

Initial Contact

I am called Ward. I am the Overspell of the Midnight Mansion. I am the Spellfather of the spell children known as the Animus Arcana. Your presence is greatly appreciated, Character.


  • Welcome to my home.
  • Welcome.
  • Conflaguration spell sequence halted, hello Character.
  • Hello, friend.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

No More Missions

The Mansion is secure, but I will not rest until the Talons of Vengeance are stopped.

Too High Level

+++ Missing Information +++

Story Arc

Bound By Blood

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 7 Reward Merits.


Dust of Clarity

A small, unassuming bag of dust that fits easily in the palm of your hand is all that remains of the Animus Arcana known as Clarity. She gave her life, though brief as it may have been, to save the lives of her fellow spells in a story...

Bound By Blood

It began bizarre enough. Ward, the Overspell of the Midnight Mansion's defensive glyphs, had a simple request; return his spell children, the Animus Arcana, to him so they could fulfill their destiny of defending the Mansion as a family. You went searching for the errant Animus Arcana, spells who, through a complicated series of events involving the manifestation of the bizarre realm of Night Ward and Percy Winkley's death, had gained both sentience and life. You found a group of them following a charismatic and wise spell named Clarity, but as it turned out, you weren't the only one looking for them. The Talons of Vengeance had found their way into Night Ward as well and were intent on turning even these sentient magical spells to their cause.

Clarity didn't want to return to Ward, wishing instead to be, for the first time in her existence, free, and many of the Animus Arcana shared her view. Ward, ever the fatherly type, wanted to do right by his children and so sent you to make sure the Talons were no longer a threat to them. You hunted down a group of Talons doing just that and learned that with the harvested spell energy of the Animus Arcana a ritual would soon revive 'the Coven' and 'the Prison' would be opened.

This news meant little to Ward, but after speaking with Montague Castanella, Whispering Coyote, and referencing Tremaine's Book of the Dead you discovered that the Eternal Prison was a place where truly monstrous and wicked beings were kept from the rest of reality. Together, with Nadia, you investigated the final resting place of The Ravenwing Cabal; her and Sorceress Serene's old coven. Nadia feared that the Ravenwing might enable the Talons to find a way to communicate with entities in the Eternal Prison, or worse, free them. You arrive to late to stop the Talons from resurrecting Nadia's sisters, but you learned that they planned to attack the Midnight Mansion and thus remove their last obstacle in breaching the Eternal Prison.

Racing back to the Midnight Mansion you hurried to assemble a defence against the impending Talon assault. During the battle the Ravenwing, lead by Mistress Atella, managed to cast their siren song upon Ward himself, turning him and the Mansion's defenses against you. Only with Clarity's timely arrival and subsequent selfless sacrifice was Ward returned to his proper state of mind and the Talons repulsed from the Mansion. Clarity's sacrifice saved the day ensuring that the Animus Arcana would remain free. Ward gave you the Dust of Clarity as a memento with the knowledge that only by Blood, not Death, can the lure of Vengeance be overcome.

Part One: Blood and Ink


My spell children, or the Animus Arcana as the denizens of the Midnight Mansion have called them, have fled the mansion, fled their posts, and fled me, their Spellfather.

The situation is grim. Without the Animus Arcana the Midnight Mansion is woefully unprotected.

Locate the Animus Arcana and convince them to return to their Spellfather and return to their destiny as defenders of the Midnight Mansion.

  • Where am I supposed to start this, exactly?

My divinations have discovered that my spell children have choosen to defend a structure that is not the Midnight Mansion.

Diplomatic negotiations with such a concentration of Animus Arcana may result in word spreading amongst them to the others.

Augury suggests it is unlikely that my spell children will willingly choose to return to the mansion or their Spellfather.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Do you have any children of your own, Character?

If you do then I'm sure you can understand what I'm going through.

Please, find my spell children and bring them home.

Mission Objective(s)


The smell of magic here is overpowering; like cotton candy ice cream drenched in ammonia with a hint of electrocuted lemons. Yeah, overpowering is one word to describe it.

  • Talk to the Animus Arcana
    • Find the Animus Arcana leader
    • Stop the Talons of Vengeance
    • Speak to Clarity Again

You delivered Ward's message to Clarity, a living spell who seems to be leading some of the Animus Arcana, but she made it clear that they don't seem eager to return to Spellfather.


V badge Arcana.png Animus Arcana
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Sharp
  • Clarity (Animus Arcana Leader)


Did Sharp let you through?

  • Uh, yeah, Sharp let me pass.

Oh, I see. Well then, how can I help you?

  • Ward sent me, he wants you and the other spells to come back home.

Ward? Oh, you must mean Spellfather.

I'm sorry, Character, but I can't do that. We spells have never had freedom before. If we were to ignore this chance to experience this gift then it would be a tragedy. Perhaps in time some will choose to return, perhaps even I will if things get too dangerous, but I must try to live my own life.

I hope you understand.

  • Of course. What should I tell Ward though?

Tell him that we are perfectly safe without...


Wait, something is happening! We are under attack again. Character, you should leave here, this is not your fight.

  • Like hell it isn't, if the Talons are here, I'm fighting!


Thank you, Character. If... If Spellfather hadn't sent you I'm afraid we might not have survived that... Still... I can't live under his roof any longer, I'm a free spell now, and if he really loves us he'd realize that he has to let us choose our own path.

We've never had freedom before, Character, tell Spellfather that, and tell him I hope that he finds his own path as well. The Midnight Mansion will survive without us, and it will survive even without him if he just lets it.

  • I don't think Ward will like that, but I'll tell him.
The choice isn't his to make, it's ours.
  • Very well, but be careful, the Talons won't stop.
Thank you.
  • I'll tell Ward your decision. But be careful, the Talons won't stop.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, Character, but we will not go back. Tell Spellfather to find his own path. If he truly cares then he'll let us go. Who knows, maybe some of us will come back willingly...

Icon clue generic.png
The Key?
The Talons of Vengeance were mentioning something about 'The Key'. You aren't sure what that could mean, but Clarity appears to either have it or be it.


Review of mission completion - If my spell children will not return to the Midnight Mansion then other measures must be taken to ensure its defensibility.

Emotional reaction designed to connect with Character - I am saddened that my spell children won't return to me, but my resolve to keep them protected does not waver.

Suggesting a course of action utilizing emotional energy - If the Talons of Vengeance seek my spell children, then to keep them safe, we must strike the Talons first.

You are powerful and courageous. I consider you a potent ally and friend. If you ever need to speak with me just say my name and an Arcane Message will be sent. Just try to keep it under twenty-five words.

Part Two: Spellbound


I am incapable of aiding my spell children while they remain beyond the grounds of the Midnight Mansion.

Character, you do not suffer such restrictions and as such you are my primary offensive asset.

You are a powerful ally who I would be helpless without.

The Talons of Vengeance are spread across Night Ward, seeking both my spell children and something of great importance to them, I know not what. This has left them vulnerable to attack.

Seek out the Talons of Vengeance in the City of Souls or the Howling Vale, neutralize their numbers. My divination magic will scan their memories to determine the location of their lair here in Night Ward. Upon collection of relevant information a full attack to destroy this lair.

  • Sounds like a standard Seek and Destroy mission

I'm not sure what the Talons want with my spell children, but it is most certainly for a dark purpose. Free them from the Talon's siren song.

Even if it means destroying them.

Hunt down Talons

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Talons of Vengeance are concentrated south of here in the City of Souls and the Howling Vale. Be cautious, they are both strong and move in number.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Hunt down Talons
    • Hunt 10 Talons

You discovered that the Talons are going to attack another Animus Arcana hideout.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Icon clue generic.png
The Talons have a Plan
Ward used his divination magic to plumb the minds of the Talons of Vengeance and discover that they are planning on attacking pockets of Animus Arcana across Night Ward in order to harvest their spell energy for some dark deed.
Stop the Talons

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Talons of Vengeance are planning to attack another gathering of my spell children in the City of Souls.

Please, you must stop the Talons of Vengeance from taking more of my spell children.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: Abandoned_Warehouse_45_Layout_07_03

The sizzle of ozone hangs in the air. A great magical battle has taken place here recently.

  • Stop the Talons
    • Defeat Alexandria

You did what you could to save the Animus Arcana from the lure of the Talons, but you were too late to save all of their lives. At least those who died won't live on in the service of those wicked creatures.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Ball of Light (Ally)
  • Fireball (Ally)
  • Lightning Storm (Ally)
  • Alexandria (Talons Boss)
Icon clue generic.png
Ritual, Coven and Prison?
The Talons appear to be harvesting Animus Arcana spell energy for some sort of ritual. The Talons leader responsible for this also mentioned something about a coven being restored and a prison being opened. What are they up to?


The Talons of Vengeance must be stopped, Character!

We must find out what my spell children died for.

Why are they stealing my spell children?
What coven do they speak of?
What prison do they refer to?
What ritual are they intending to cast?

The answers to these questions will lead us to them and tell us how to stop them.

Part Three: Broken Bindings


Within my knowledge there is no mention of a coven, a prison, or a ritual relating to either. They are unknown to me.

Perhaps there are others who know what these things mean. Montague Castanella is well versed in such things, starting with him would be wise.

  • I'll ask around.

Thank you, Character. All that I know is coming undone and I fear that soon I shall have no purpose. All I have ever known is to protect the Midnight Mansion, and to nurture my spell children. Without them I am lost. Without the mansion I am nothing.

Talk to Montague about the Talons plans

Unnecessary Solicitation

Perhaps Montague Castanella's breadth of knowledge will include something about this coven, prison, or ritual.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Montague about the Talons plans
    • Talk to Whispering Coyote
    • Talk to Mistress Nadia


There were once many covens, Character, but Emperor Cole saw to it that they were scattered or destroyed. Of this prison, however, I am afraid that the Talons of Vengeance may be referring to The Eternal Prison.

The Eternal Prison is a place where wicked souls are sent to be locked away forever, their power and presence kept sealed away from all others so as not to spread their poison. Mind you, Character, this is no place such as Tartarus or Hell. This is a place for the supremely wicked, those who would defy the Fates themselves and seek to overthrow the cosmic order of things.

If indeed the Talons are seeking to open this prison, then unspeakable evil will be unleashed upon the world. Unfortunately, Tremaine's Manual of the Dead makes no mention of how to find the prison save for earning a place in there for yourself.

Even if you could find it, the prison is said to be guarded by an order or warriors known as The Black Knights. They are the oathbound to defend the prison, and they know neither fear nor pain.

Perhaps the Black Knights are aware of this ritual the Talons seek, though I wouldn't recommend you go asking them about it. Another denizen of the spirit world would be more approachable...

Icon clue generic.png
The Eternal Prison
Montague Castanella recalls reading about a place called The Eternal Prison in Tremaine's Manual of the Dead. The details are vague but supposedly it holds the most reviled entities to have ever existed safely away from the rest of reality. Who knows what horrors do the Talons of Vengeance wish to release from this dread place.
Talk to Whispering Coyote

Unnecessary Solicitation

I believe Whispering Coyote's knowledge of the spirit realm would be more helpful at this juncture than my one.

Contact Small Whispering Coyote.jpg
Whispering Coyote



Character, good to see you again. What seems to be the problem?

Ki-yi!? Ki-ki-yi!

Oh, you don't want anything to do with the Black Knights, Character. If you thought the Drudges were bad, the Black Knights are forty-nine times worse, I say. All honor and duty, never any time for a bit of fun, and I don't blame them what with those they're charged with keeping under lock and key. I wouldn't worry about the Talons of Vengeance getting anywhere near the Eternal Prison. Nobody's ever broken out of there before, and I'd bet my front paw against even Sleepy Owl that nobody ever will.


Now, if I were you, I'd go and talk to Nadia about covens and rituals. If you ask me, she's your best lead. She used to be in a coven once... didn't she?


Icon clue generic.png
The Black Knights
Whispering Coyote told you about the Black Knights, an eternal order of guardians charged with watching over the Eternal Prison and the monstrous entities imprisoned within it. They are duty and oathbound to keep the prison protected and nothing has ever escaped from its depths.
Talk to Mistress Nadia

Unnecessary Solicitation

I admit I am unaware of anyone named Mistress Nadia, though Montague Castanella has begun updating my knowledge to include a variety of potential rituals that the Talons of Vengeance might utilize.


Greetings chil'... oh, my! The Loas ebb and flow 'bout you like a hurricane. Tell me, what troubles you?

What? The Talons are seekin' ta bring back a coven, you say?

No... They could nae mean... and yet...

Character, I tink the Talons might be tryin' ta resurrect The Ravenwing Cabal! Serene brought the Talons of Vengeance into dis world in the first place, and now dat she's dead mayhaps the Talons be lookin' ta her old coven for a new leader.

But... what would the Ravenwing Cabal know about the Eternal Prison? In the past we tried ta contact entities dat were supposed ta be locked within, ta gleen secrets from dem, but t'was always ta no avail... unless...

Character, could it be dat the Talons know of a way ta get into da prison because... because dat is where dey came from in the first place!?

Perhaps dat is the ritual dey speak of. The ritual Serene invoked ta free dem in the first place would require a witch of Serene's tremendous power, or... a coven of her sistahs!

We'd bettah hurry. I know where the Talons are goin' in order to conduct the ritual!

Character, if you have any allies you can call upon, now would be the time to do so.

This mission is of higher difficulty than normal, consider bringing another player along to help.

Icon clue generic.png
Resurrecting the Ravenwing Cabal
Mistress Nadia believes that the Talons of Vengeance are seeking to use the Animus Arcana spell energy harvested from Night Ward to conduct a ritual to restore life to her long dead sisters in the Ravenwing Cabal!
Stop the Resurrection of the Ravenwing Cabal

Unnecessary Solicitation

Resurrection spells are certainly designed to bring back the dead.

If the Ravenwing Cabal is necessary to conduct a ritual that may grant the Talons of Vengeance access to the Eternal Prison, then it would be best to stop them.


Be ready for the fight of ya life, Character. Where we be goin' is a place of great spiritual powah, and I dannae doubt dat the Talons 'ave already corrupted it for der own uses.

  • There is little time, let's go! (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


The ritual has already begun. For just a moment the oddly soothing chanting of the Talons threatens to overtake you, but you shake it and press on.

  • Stop the Resurrection of the Ravenwing Cabal
    • Stop the Ritual!
    • Defeat Sorceress Camilla

You learned that the Talons resurrected the Ravenwing Cabal and now aim to destroy the Midnight Mansion.


V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Sorceress Camilla (Elite Boss)

Oracle: Hear me, great All Mother!
Oracle: Accept the life force of these living spells as tribute!
Oracle: In return, let these souls be reborn through you.
Oracle: Let them be reborn as your own children.
Oracle: Come back, sisters. Come back from oblivion!
Oracle: Rise!
Oracle: Rise and be reborn with hearts not of blood, but of Vengeance!
Oracle: Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Oracle: The Ravenwing Cabal is once more!
Oracle: Sisters!
Oracle: First, we move to consume the Midnighters.
Oracle: Then, there will be none to stop us from breaching the Eternal Prison.
Oracle: Camilla.
Oracle: Stay here and prepare for the glorious return of the All Mother.
Sorceress: Yes, all shall be prepared for her return...
Oracle: The rest of us will travel to the Night Ward and begin the assault on the Midnight Mansion.
Oracle: Now fly, sisters!
Oracle: Fly on swift wings of death!

Icon clue generic.png
The Midnight Mansion is in danger
You learned from Sorceress Camilla, one of the resurrected witches of the Ravenwing Cabal, that her sisters and the Talons of Vengeance are preparing for an assault on the Midnight Mansion in Night Ward.


An Attack? Here?!

This is dire, Character, without my spell children I am almost defenseless.

Help me protect the Midnight Mansion. I cannot repulse such an assault alone.

Many nights from now, when the last of my spell energy has been expended, and the life gifted to me has returned to the cycle of all things, my spell children will continue to weave the tale of our creation, our fight for our right to live, and how Ward Spellfather and Character won that fight.

Finale: The Strongest Bond


There is no way that I can repel a massed attack now, Character. While the mansion's defenses can repel the Talons of Vengeance themselves, those spell children who they have swayed to their side will be quite capable of passing through my enchantments.

If they bring down the wards around the standing stones then the Talons of Vengeance will be able to breach the mansion interior.

  • I won't let that happen.

Character, you cannot let them through. If the Talons of Vengeance can turn my children against me then there is no telling what will happen if they can get to me.

The Midnighters have agreed to set up a perimeter defense around the mansion exterior. They will help you, but won't wander too far from the mansion.

Your best bet is to draw the enemy to them where they can assist you in dispatching them while I continue to modify the mansion's defenses. Even still, you may wish to team up with others as this will not be easy.

This mission is of higher difficulty than normal, consider bringing another player along to help.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Remember, you just need to buy me time to reconfigure my defenses in order to repel my spell children, then we will be safe.

Contact Small Ward.jpg


All you must do is hold them off until I can reweave the mansions defenses. The defenses will then take care of the rest.

  • I'll do what I can (Enter Mission)

Mission Objective(s)


You can feel the magic in the air long before the first spell even approaches the mansion. The Talons have pulled out all the stops this time.

  • Defend the Midnight Mansion
    • 7 waves of Animus Arcana remaining


V badge Arcana.png Animus Arcana
V badge Talons.png Talons of Vengeance

Notable NPCs

  • Master Winkley (Midnight Masters Boss Ally)
  • Reanimated Acolyte x2 (Ally)
  • Montague Castanella (Praetorian) (Ally)
  • Lady Atella (Elite Boss)
  • Destroy the Northwest Ward
  • Destroy the Northeast Ward
  • Destroy the Southwest Ward
  • Destroy the Southeast Ward

They're altering the defensive wards to shunt you out, you'll need to destroy them

  • 7 waves of Talons remaining
  • Stop Ward!
  • Meet Clarity at the Front Gate
  • Escort Clarity to the Reflection Pool
  • Defeat Lady Atella and the Ravenwing Cabal

You successfully defended the Midnight Mansion from the Talons of Vengeance, but at great cost.


The Mansion is safe once more, but... at such a cost...

Character, had it not been for the actions of Clarity I would have likely destroyed the Midnighters, and all that I am... or was.

The Talons of Vengeance twisted me into an instrument of death and hate, but Clarity... Clarity saved me. She saved us all...

I understood for the briefest of moments, while the Talons were losing their hold on me and Clarity was with me, what it was to be free. What Clarity was fighting for. What the Talons of Vengeance seek to take from us all.

I saw the plans of the Talons of Vengeance as well, if only the very surface. It involves the Black Knights. Clarity's last memories also included the Black Knights. Her thoughts of them flowed through me and brought me back.

There is a Black Knight named Bedwyr. He was Clarity's first true friend.

I sense in him a great and powerful ally.

Seek out Bedwyr, tell him that the Talons of Vengeance plan to breach the Eternal Prison, and that he does not have to stand against them alone any longer.

Tell him of Clarity's sacrifice and let him know that if ever he is in need, I, Ward, Spellfather of Clarity and the Animus Arcana, and Overspell of the Midnight Mansion, shall stand by his side!