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Alignment Merit

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Alignment Merits are a special salvage awarded as part of the Alignment system introduced in Issue 18. There are two types of alignment merits: "Hero Alignment Merits" and "Villain Alignment Merits".

Obtaining Merits

A Hero Alignment Merit.
A Villain Alignment Merit.

There are three ways to obtain alignment merits:

  • Complete Morality Missions as a hero or villain
    • Except for the first time, which awards 50 Reward Merits instead
  • Purchase at a rate of 50 Reward Merits and 20 million Inf for each Alignment Merit (once per 20 hours)
  • By completing a Signature Story Arc episode for the first time (once per character, must have reinforced Hero or Villain alignment at least once)
  • By completing any Signature Story Arc episode which has already been completed once (once a week, must have reinforced Hero or Villain alignment at least once)
    • All completed Signature Story Arc episodes share the same reward table, meaning you can only earn an alignment merit once a week regardless of how many completed Signature Story Arc episodes you play

Alignment Merits can only be earned and possessed while a character maintains their respective alignments (Hero for Hero Alignment Merits, Villain for Villain Alignment Merits). Changing alignments will forfeit all unspent Alignment Merits.

Spending Merits

Alignment Merits can be spent at Alignment Vendors to purchase most Recipes, including Purple Recipes and PvP Recipes. The Alignment Vendor for heroes is the storage box next to B.O.T.L.E.R. in Fort Trident. The Alignment Vendor for villains is the trash next to Trashcan in The Crucible. B.O.T.L.E.R. and Trashcan are also the contacts for converting Reward Merits and Inf to Alignment Merits. Once a purchase with Alignment Merits is made, there is a 20 hour timer before another puchase can be made.

Availability is based on the cost of the recipe from a Merit Vendor in Reward Merits.

  • Items that cost less than 100 Reward Merits are not available for purchase.
  • Items that cost 100-199 Reward Merits cost 1 Alignment Merit.
  • Items that cost 200-299 Reward Merits cost 2 Alignment Merits.
  • Items that cost 300 or more Reward Merits do not exist, but would presumably follow the same pattern.
  • Items that cannot be purchased with Reward Merits have a special pricing scheme (purples, PVP IOs, Respecs, costume parts, etc).

Because most uncommon recipes cost less than 100 Reward Merits, they aren't available for purchase from Alignment Vendors.