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Zone Fort Trident
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B.O.T.L.E.R. is a hero contact in Fort Trident at coordinates (-67.5, 18.1, -4.3). Although B.O.T.L.E.R. has a yellow ring around him, the actual vendor object is the storage bin on the floor next to him.

Villains encounter B.O.T.L.E.R as an enemy in the Mortimer Kal Strike Force.

General Information

He was created by Positron, who says this about B.O.T.L.E.R. when you click on him:

Oh, Character! How do you like the place we've set up? I mean, it'll be a while before the place looks up to what the Freedom Phalanx should be working from - but hey... It's a start. And did you meet my little robotic creation, B.O.T.L.E.R.? Get it? The name's a pun... B.O.T.L.E.R. sounds liiiiiiikkkeee... Butler! Get it??........ Why are you looking at me like that?


Positron - Minion

Positron's pride and joy when it comes to robotic creations, the B.O.T.L.E.R. series is equipped with an advanced service package and can offer tea in every known human dialect.

Dialogue when clicked

It's a pleasure to see you, good (madam/sir). At the risk of repeating myself, I beg that you excuse the mess around this simple abode as we continue to construct what I'm assured will be a grand domicile. In the meantime, perhaps I might be able to offer you various accoutrements to enhance your already impressive prowess?

What do you have to offer?

Goodness gracious, I have quite a variety of odds and ends that might fit to your liking, dear (lady/sir). Someone of your caliber would be inclined to peruse the coffers directly behind me. I'm certain that the oeuvre of your heroic deeds will match with these modern-day bezoars in a most serendipitous manner.

You hear a whirring from B.O.T.L.E.R.'s head, accompanied by his eyes flashing for a brief moment and Positron's voice speaking through B.O.T.L.E.R.

Lexicon Algorithm Parser Error - ScriptCall PositronBroSpeak LanguageSet FailSafe.

B.O.T.L.E.R.'s voice resumes back to normal.

Dude... you can totally find all kinds of sweet things, but you're gonna need to trade your Hero Merits for them. Peace out.

Thanks! And have Positron take a look at your programming when you get a chance, okay?

Store Information

B.O.T.L.E.R. is available just inside the main room, to your left after exiting the submarine. He will convert Reward Merits to Hero Alignment Merits at a rate of 50 Reward Merits plus 20,000,000 Influence for one Alignment Merit. This can be done once every twenty hours.

You must click on the storage bin beside B.O.T.L.E.R. to enter the store.

IO Recipe Cost and Availability

Availability is based on the cost of the recipe from a Merit Vendor in Reward Merits.

  • Items that cost less than 100 Reward Merits are not available for purchase.
  • Items that cost 100-199 Reward Merits cost 1 Hero Merits.
  • Items that cost 200-299 Reward Merits cost 2 Hero Merits.
  • Items that cost 300 or more Reward Merits do not exist, but would presumably follow the same pattern.
  • Items that cannot be purchased with Reward Merits have a special pricing scheme (purples, PVP IOs, Respecs, costume parts, etc).

Because most uncommon recipes cost less than 100 Reward Merits, they aren't available for purchase from B.O.T.L.E.R.

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