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The Crucible

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The Crucible

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The Crucible is a location in which players can access portals to Strike Forces, as well as spend Villain Alignment Merits. It is located on the Eastern side of Cap au Diable just south of Virgil Tarikoss, and is indicated on the map by a green dot.

The entrance is at loc. -2166.7 104.0 281.8.


Task Force Contact

While there is no specific task force associated with The Crucible, the four Patrons (as well as Arbiter Rein) are available with portals leading directly to Barracuda, Ice Mistral, Silver Mantis, Operative Renault and Lord Recluse allowing you to start their associated Strike Forces. You cannot purchase inspirations from these NPCs, they are solely links to the associated strike force NPCs.


  • Arbiter Apolis

Notable NPCs


Trashcan is available just inside the main room. He will convert Reward Merits to Villain Alignment Merits at a rate (on release) of 50 Reward Merits plus 20,000,000 Infamy for one Alignment Merit. This can be done once every twenty hours.

You must click on the actual trash can behind the indicated NPC to enter the store.

Transfer Points

Villians can exit The Crucible back into Cap au Diable, and also to other zones by teleporting to Strike Force contacts.

Villain Groups

Multiple villain groups are represented as NPCs. They are not able to be attacked.

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